Valentine's Dance

by Bernice

Everyone hated them being together.

Dumbledore, who wanted Hagrid married to a nice big woman, making nice big babies, frowned in silent disapproval.

Remus, who'd apparently harboured a crush on Snape for years, made pale, sad eyed Heathcliff faces as they walked past, and Snape smirked at him without pity.

Sirius, Snape knew, if he'd been alive, would have snarled curses, sneering that Snape had fogged Hagrid's mind to make him love a Slytherin.

Lucius was green with nausea, disgusted beyond reason that his 'friend' would lower himself so, sleeping with the half-breed groundskeeper.

Voldemort simply threw him out of the Death Eaters, killing curses on his heels.

Students from both their houses didn't know whether to hate Snape or Hagrid more, their confused disappointment was palpable.

All in all, their disgust, disappointment and loathing added such an edge of sweetness to their dance, that Snape couldn't help laughing out loud as Hagrid twirled him around the dance floor once more.

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