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Maria originally made a wonderful page for this story, back before I knew how to make web pages.  Now to give her a break from Geoshitties messages I'm taking over and putting it up on my own site. 

I'm copying most of her files shamelesly, including her blurb and html.

From Maria's Page:  A long twisted (in every sense of the word) novella, picking up after "Apocrypha," referring back to Krycek's first appearance in Mulder's life, and onwards to "Tunguska," "Terma" and beyond.

Willingly and otherwise, Mulder and Krycek team up to fight: against mutual enemies; against each other, and against themselves.

This is not a 'skippy' story. Krycek is a tortured and desperate man, betrayed by his country and beliefs, and willing to do anything necessary to survive and destroy those who destroyed him. Mulder as bitter and obsessed, and as perverted as he ever is.

This is the stuff I put in the editorial of the fanzine

To get the most from this novella, and its spin-off, see the X-Files episodes: "Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’" and "Gender Bender" (starring Nicholas Lea), as well as the Krycek episodes.

Other episodes referred to, e.g., "Fearful Symmetry" (with the same actor who played Lois Cardinal) are not necessary to understand what’s going on.

I would also advise getting hold of a copy of John Woo’s ‘Once A Thief’ (called ‘Violent Tradition in the UK’), also with Nicholas Lea as Victor Mansfield, as I drew on these characters when I had to fill in some time at the end of this story. If you haven’t seen this, contact the publisher, we’ll try and arrange a copy for you. If you don’t want to see this, don’t worry, it’s not important to the story.

Before you ask, yes, I have seen Tunguska and Terma – although I wrote this before those episodes came out and then adapted certain parts – but I didn’t particularly like pulling the wings off of butterflies as a child: Deny Everything: especially Terma!

Thanks to: Because I’m a newbie writer and not too confident, I forced a lot of people to beta read and proof read this story for me. I owe a debt of gratitude to: Gloria Lancaster, Edwina, Kezia Barns, and Cody Nelson. I’d also like to offer thanks to Gillian Middleton, Quill, and Katy Deery – their encouragement gave me the courage to get this out there (and they had to listen to me blather until their ears bled!).

Cast of Characters: Barbara Elkins, Chairman Pickering & Ms Getzloff are all characters from ‘Date with an Angel’, Wiseguy. Cody by Cody Nelson, Gil by Gillian Middleton, Jack by Quill. Mr. & Mrs. Emby, names borrowed from Mr. & Mrs. Emby.Victor Mansfield by Nicholas Lea, Mac Ramsey by Ivan Sergei, Li Ann Tsei by Sandrine Holt, The Director by Jennifer Dale characters from ‘Once A Thief’.

War Of The Roses: My dear friend Quill was inspired by sections of Sympathy for the Devil and wrote a spin-off story. Can you say flattered? She follows the further adventures of our delicious boys, and I hope you enjoy her take on the characters! Of course, now I want to write a sequel to her spin-off… it never ends.

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