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IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
These stories are intended for adults only, and may contain sexual situations. 

Smallville  Stargate: Atlantis  

LOTR    Snape (HP)   X-Files    Due South   Other

NOTE:  I don't care for translations, please don't ask me to have my fics translated into other languages, thank you.

milinnerbullets1.jpg (1222 bytes) General fandom

Everybody's Free to Get a Fandom Live Journal
(General fandom)

Live Journal Snippets updated December 2004
Things from Snape fandom, and Sentinel Fandom and others.  Very short stories, cartoons etc.  Slash, adults only.  Various.


milinnerbullets3.jpg (1283 bytes) Smallville

iHero -  October 2007
Lex/Clark - very, very long story.  Slash.
Lex gets everything he ever wanted, even though he never knew he wanted what he got.  In true Smallville comic book style, he gets Superpowers, a new lease on life, and Clark.

My Boyfriend's Back - an iHero tag NEW May 2008
Someone pointed out that Flash disappeared from the end of iHero so I wrote this to address that issue.

Joyeux Noel: Peas on Earth NEW May 2008
Smallville, tiny slashy Pete-flavoured Clex

Radiohead Snippet  NEW May 2008
A tiny pre-slash snip from a larger Smallville fic

Until the Twelfth of Never -   October 2007
Lex/Clark - medium length.  Slash.
There are two sides to immortality.

'No Specific Age' Mutant Possibly-Ninja Tortoise NEW May 2008
Pre-Slash Lex/Clark - medium length.
Lex rescues a horrible tortoise.


milinnerbullets2.jpg (1220 bytes) Stargate: Atlantis

The Birds, The Bees, The Bats, and the Robots -  June 2006
John/Rodney proto slash, medium length
Rodney makes aliens do it.

Your Cool Lips -  June 2006
John/Rodney slash, medium length
Rodney brings more back from the downed jumper than he ever dreamed of.  (Post Grace Under Fire).  Includes deleted scene.

Pain and Death and Pain -   June 2006
SGA - short, gen.

Trophy Husband   March 2006
John/Rodney slash, humour, medium,
Rodney can't wait to show off his new trophy husband.

A Victim of the Time   March 2006
John/Rodney Proto-slash
John Sheppard learns a hell of a lot more about Rodney McKay than he ever wanted.   Time travel fic.

Compromise  November 2005
John/Rodney slash
Rodney attempts to fulfil John's kinky fantasy, but not with a great deal of success.

French Fries    November 2005
John/Rodney slash.
Zelenka finally catches on.

Is Good  2006
Friendship slash (McKay/Zelenka with reference to others)
McKay and Zelenka drown their sorrows with each other.


milinnerbullets1.jpg (1222 bytes) The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings: The Series January 2003
An ongoing fansite dedicated to the television series based on The Lord of the Rings movies.


milinnerbullets3.jpg (1283 bytes) Snape stories (HP)

Gen stories (slash and het stories below)

Red July 2005
Snape and Harry gen short

Blue July 2005
Hagrid (and Snape) gen short

Out of the Bag September 2002
Snape and Minerva - gen. Short.

Blood and Snot, February 2005
Snape and Minerva - gen.  Short

Wizards of Aus June 2002
Australian parody - gen. Short.

Bygones March 2005  
Lupin and Snape - gen.  Short. 

First Kiss August 2003
Snape and Dementor - gen.  Angst. Short.

A Thousand Words, February 2004
Snape.  Sad. Short. 

Hate.  Not Fear.   Hate.  February 2004
Snape.  Gen.  Short.

Snape's List, November 2004
Snape.  Gen.  Short.

Odontiatophobia March 2004
Snape.  Gen.  Short

Yellow Fingers May 2003
Snape & Lupin - warning: strong content, gen/horror.  Short.

A Fine Figure of a Woman, July 2004
Snape. Gen. Short.

A Nice Cup of Tea and a Lie Down June 2004
Harry, Hagrid, Gen, humour, short.

Magical Creatures -  A Sequel to A Nice Cup of Tea and a Lie Down - by Skull Bearer.  Lupin, Gen, Short, Angst.

Snape & Lucius as children, all dialogue - a work in progress.

Watching Candles Melt April 2004
Snape&Lupin, Lucius/Narcissa - short, gen

Professor Quirrell Goes to the Medi Wizard, September 04
Quirrell has a nasty infection. Gen

Mary Sue Goes to Hogwarts October 04
My attempt at writing a Mary Sue - art by Brevisse.  Short, gen, humerous.

Real Potion Making September 2002, gen
For the Snape Fuh-Q-Fest -
Snape is the Victim of a Prank.  Gen. 

Adult Stories (gen above/slash below)

Fancy a Fuck?   December 2002
Snape/Hooch - warning het fic, adults only.  Long.

Imperfect Sex and the Cast of Hogwarts, March 2005
Various - short, funny (I hope).

Slash Stories (gen and het above)

Hocus Focus February 2005  
Snape/Lockhart, Snape has a great idea for a potion.  Slash, adults only, long. 

Care of Magical Creatures December 2001
Snape/Hagrid - slash, adults only. Long.

Hain't it Funny August 2003
Follow on from Care of Magical Creatures 
Snape/Hagrid - slash, adults only. Short.

Beggars May Ride August 2003
Follow on from Care of Magical Creatures 
Snape/Hagrid.  Slash, adults only. Long.

Blessed Peace
Follow on from Care of Magical Creatures 
Snape/Hagrid.  Slash, adults only. Short.

Poppet September 2002
Snape/Hagrid - Voodoo doll smutSlash, adults only.   Long.

Learning the Language of Harpies May 2004
Snape/Hagrid - slash, mushy, short

Teaching the Language of Harpies, November 2004
Snape/Hagrid - slash, mushy, longish, sequel to Learning the Language of Harpies

Valentine's Dance March 2004
Snape/Hagrid - slash, short.

Old Dogs, October 2004
Snape/Lupin - short, cute.

Good Bye, Fair thee Well, Toodle-oo, October 2004
Snape/Lucius - short.  Bloody songfic of all things.

Sorry June 2002
Snape/Black (written one chapter a day in a 'play' style).  Slash, adults only. Long.

Anything You Want October 2003
Snape/Black (a vignette based on 'Sorry' above). Slash, adults only. Short.

Sheep's Clothing April 2004
Snape/Lupin - heavy kink, dark content, slash, long. 

Masters vs Students Quidditch January 2004
Snape/Harry (story based on a Monty Python sketch - includes three different endings you can chose from Alternate endings removed to save space).  Slash, various ratings, adults only. Long.

Devotion March 2002
Snape/Voldemort - a sequel to JayKay's In A Delicate Way
.   Short, slash (hit back button to return to this site)

Not Wisely, but Well, January 2005,
sequel to Devotion, sequel to in A Delicate Way

New Man May 2002
Snape/Hagrid.  Slash, adults only.  Short.

Life's A Bowl of Cherries June 2003
Snape/Flitwick - fic for the Severus Snape Fuh Q Fest.  Slash, adults only.  Long.

All The Wrong Reasons June 2003
Snape/Harry slash
Warning: Disturbing Content - protected entry.  Slash, adults only.   Short.

La Baiser de la Fee started 2002 WIP (unfinished)
This is an unfinished AU where Snape has wings

milinnerbullets1.jpg (1222 bytes) X-Files

A Fish Called Krycek  1997
Mulder/Krycek - AU.  Previously published with Double eXposure.   Very AU.  Don't say I didn't warn you!   Also:

I'm Dreaming of a Mer Christmas
Fish Fucked Fabulous
Further Adventures of a Fish Called Krycek

Wet 1997
Mulder/Krycek/Skinner. PWP written in response to request on the Mulder/Krycek slash list.

Sympathy for the Devil 1996 (before I knew about beta reading and stuff, be aware this is quite badly written, but I keep it for history's sake))
Mulder/Krycek (some Krycek/Skinner). A long novella with a sequel by Quill.

Sympathy Pains WIP
Sequel to the above - unfinished, but not really a WIP.
War of the Roses
Quill's 'Once A Thief' spin off from Sympathy for the Devil.  Also,
Cut Flowers, the sequel to War of the Roses.

Kissing Mulder
Not a story, not quite a filk.

A Rat's Tail 1998
A story from Double eXposure, written by Liza.  Artwork for this story was done by the Author's Husband.  This story is probably something you should be careful about reading.

Rat!Rat 1998
A sequel to A Rat's Tail, published in Indecent eXposure, by Micetro.   Please be aware this story is deeply offensive in various ways and contains highly inaccurate information on rat care.

Interminable 2000
Originally published in Whereabouts Unknown.  A short depressing Krycek story.

The Meaning Of True Love   1999
A short Krycek story that first appeared in Cody Nelson's  Whereabouts Unknown APA

Wubby 2000
Blame Erylin

Curse of Washington 1997
Another Krycek based filk

Judas Wept     Work in progress Abandoned and removed from website due to plagiarism
Parallel universe story.
Between The Soul And The Soft Machine Work in progress Abandoned and removed from website
Based on Nick Lea's appearance in The Outer Limits episode 'In Our Own Image'.
milinnerbullets2.jpg (1220 bytes) Due South

Painless 1996
Originally printed in Cohorts Two

On A Clear Day...1996
Originally printed in Twogether

Freedom's Just Another Word...       1997
Originally printed in Twogether

milinnerbullets3.jpg (1283 bytes) Other Fandoms

Spider-Man - Peter/Harry
Follows on from the 2nd movie, written July 2004. 
Long, slash, no warnings.

Up & Down 
In & Out (movie with Kevin Klein and Tom Selleck.)
Published in Cohorts 6,

Maggots NEW (kinda new, written a long time ago, only posted May 2008)
From V - Mike Donovan remembers when he fell in love with Ham Tyler.

The Easy Way
From The Hard Way movie, written 1992(?)
Published in Cohorts One

Never Give Up.  Never Surrender!
Galaxy Quest, Taggart/Lazaras, slash, in Thermian

Scraping the Bottom Of The Barrel
Published in Cohorts 2
A Professionals/Muppets cross over.

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