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Stuff For Sale

Zines - Slash, Adult, and Gen

Books, Collectibles, Videos

IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

Because I'm a prude I've moved these items off my normal sale page.


To work out the cost for your location:
Australia: 10 = $10A
US: 10 = $10US
UK: 10 = 5 pounds

Sex Videos

All videos are in PAL format unless otherwise noted (That's okay for Europe /England/ Australia etc, but not Japan or USA)

Roped & Pumped     5
Bondage/discipline but no intercourse (dang it!).  Just jerking off the tied up boy.

Travestis    30
A Brazilian transvestite (very convincing as a woman with a cock) getting fucked by three black guys. Despite being rather repetitive, the concept is pretty interesting for the average pervert.

World's Biggest Anal Gang Bang $10
Het, 1 woman - 50 guys (supposedly).  All a bit too artsy-fartsy.

Dirty Little Adult Cartoons $5
Animated porn, mostly straight

What a Fucking Whore $10
Het, 1 woman - five guys.  Kinda Funny, but a bit sad.  Maybe it's just having the woman there that kinda ruins the fantasy for me...

Gay Books Kiss Foot/Lick Boot: foot, socks, sneaker & boot worship, Domination Stories Vol 1 $5

Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault, story of Alexander the Great, $5 (penguin pub)  $5  Unread

Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault, story of Alexander the Great, $5 (vintage pub) $5   Unread

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