by Bernice

This is actually part of a larger story, but I haven't posted anything fictional in ages, so I'll dump this on you guys now. Smallville (Clex).

You know that episode where Lex gave Clark tickets to see Radiohead if Clark would grow the balls to ask Lana out? This is kind of 'What if Clark had a brain' instead.

Radiohead Snip from Larger fic

Clark took a deep bracing breath, pinning his courage to the sticking point before he took Lex's Radiohead tickets and asked Lana out. He looked down at the tickets, just making sure they were still real and still in his hand before he talked to her.

He wondered, just for a second, why Lex would walk around with tickets to a Radiohead concert in his pocket, but then pushed it away. Maybe that's just what rich people did. Lana turned a page in her book, utterly engrossed and totally unaware of Clark's presence.

Clark looked at the tickets again, and frowned at them. Why would Lex have tickets to Radiohead in his pocket? Just when Clark needed an excuse to go see and talk to Lana? Did he always have tickets in his pocket? Was it, like, some magical rich person pocket thing – that no matter what anyone was looking for, Lex could just pull it out of his pocket like some sort of really convenient genie?

Clark flicked the tickets against his fingers thoughtfully, watched Lana's mouth move as she read her Dostoyevsky and waited for her boyfriend, then turned on his heel and rushed out of the Beanery again.

"Lex!" He caught up with his friend just as Lex was about to get into his car. Lex paused, one hand on the door, and raised an eyebrow at Clark which clearly said: Oh, Clark, tell me you did not just chicken out of asking Lana on a date?

"Lex," Clark could hear himself panting a little, as if he'd run, as if it was possible for him to be breathless, "What are you doing tonight?"

Lex frowned a little, "Why do you ask, Clark?"

Why couldn't Lex ever just give a straight forward answer? "I wanted to know, do you have any plans for tonight?"

"Clark, I-"

"Because, if you don't, I have tickets to Radiohead!" Clark showed Lex the magic tickets and grinned. "Do you like Radiohead?"

"Yes, but-"

"Come on, Lex! Come to Radiohead with me!"


"I know were we can score a free limo!" Clark smiled widened as he dropped the final tantalising lure.

"Oh, well, in that case," Lex returned the smile with a rueful smirk, "then certainly. Who could resist a free ride in a limo!"