Snape's List

by Bernice

Snape's Favourite List

Snape liked lists. He liked writing down the things he had to do, as it kept him from worrying he'd forget something and embarrass himself in front of his co-workers. He liked to make lists of all of the potions he had in store, and put coded marks beside each one to say how much he had, and when he’d have to remake it.

Before each Hogsmead visit he’d make a list of the ingredients he wanted to buy, places he wanted to go, and if there was anyone he wanted to see. Usually the latter was not as long a list as the list of people he wanted to avoid.

He’d put lists on the blackboard before class, and make the children write the lists down. It was soothing just to watch other people make lists, and he hoped they’d learn some organisational habits from the practice. He doubted it, though.

Some nights, when the stress of dealing with dunderheads and fools was too much, he’d sit down and write lists of everything he’d already done that day, then neatly cross out each item. A redundant, but oddly soothing activity.

On bad days, he would make lists of enemies, and lists of allies, and titles like 'the Headmaster' and 'the Dark Lord' would be repeatedly crossed out and switched to the other list, then back again.

On his worst nights, he’d make out his favourite list. Sometimes he'd write it out many times, and study its neat form, and smile to himself as he crossed out finished items, and underlined the items he expected to be finished any time soon.

James Potter
Sirius Black
Peter Pettigrew
Remus Lupin

Then he'd tap his pencil against his teeth before sending a list of titbits and biscuits he desired for his tea to the House Elves.

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