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IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

milinnerbullets4.jpg (1261 bytes) Snape/Hagrid slash archive, Sweet and Sour
milinnerbullets3.jpg (1283 bytes) Lord of the Rings: The Series
milinnerbullets2.jpg (1220 bytes) Australian Slash Association has moved!  Contact us now at
milinnerbullets4.jpg (1261 bytes) Jane Symons
Stories by Jane - X Files, Due South, and more to come.  Wonderful stories, check them out!
milinnerbullets2.jpg (1220 bytes) Slash zines from AngelWings Press are availalbe from Lionheart Distribution - Due South, Sentinel, Starsky & Hutch and other fandoms.

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Still a great talent!