Is Good

by Bernice

Whipped off in five minutes for atdelphi because she got the 'Pineapple Pokono and the fallacy of the unbounded middle' question and wanted Radek and Rodney. Yes, I said I'd write a drabble, which is 100 words, but I suck at those, so here is a vignette instead.

"I am… maudlin drunk," said Radek, nodding sagely, and his voice was quite clear although his eyes were blurry, and his cheeks red and flushed with the alcohol, tears and snot running down his face.

McKay reached out and cleaned Radek's face clumsily with his sleeve. He was, unlike Zalenka, a quiet drunk. It was one of the very few things that made him quiet. It just made him numb, at least when he'd had this much, because it was, simply, too hard to put words together at this point.

Radek took another shot. "She likes... she likes tall. Tall!" he waved an arm upwards to the approximate height of seven feet. "Make her feel… small. Like a woman. Fragile. Not some… short ass man who make her feel like a goddess. No pedestals."

McKay nodded, he was pretty sure he knew what Radek was talking about, but Radek was getting kind of fuzzy. Fuzzier than usual, anyway.

"And you!"

McKay tried to focus, in case he'd horribly offended Radek at some point. Again. And hadn't realised. He usually didn't. And him what? Was Zelanka accusing him of being tall? Or putting someone on a pedestal? Damned schnapps; understanding other people's personal problems was hard enough as it was.

"You fuck Colonel, yes?"

"Yes," and who cared if Radek spoke it out loud, they were alone.

"And now you drink with me!"

"It was just a…" McKay searched for the words that John had used, but were hard to say with his tongue rapidly going numb, "… a buddy fuck. A… tension release. A release of tension. A life affirming screw between friends."

"Ah, and he did not tell you of this before you fuck so now you drink with me."

"It's okay, guys do that. We're still… friends."

"He rip your heart out and leave you bleeding!" Radek said triumphantly, jabbing a finger into Rodney's chest in a manner Rodney thought must have rubbed off from himself.

He took another drink and passed the bottle back. "Yeah well, I made a mistake. I'm not good at… people."

"Ha, seven languages and the one you don't speak is people!"

"And Czech."

"You understand fine."

"I think… sometimes… I don't understand anything. Right now… I can't… how many brain cells are we destroying? We probably need these to… you know… survive. And stuff."

"Have drink. Drink more. Drink good."

"Yes, drink good."

"Tall good. Tall better. She loves tall."

"Fuck tall. I hate tall."

"Yes, you right, Rodney. Tall bad. Drink more. We fuck, yes?"

"That's your seduction line? 'We fuck'?"

"Yes, we get drunk, I cry on you, we pity fuck each other. Honest up front. Is good?"

Rodney thought about it, or tried to, and hoped he didn't throw up at some point, and considered hangovers and regret and horrible tall people and dead brain cells and friends who all but vibrated when they were excited and didn't smirk and then look surprised when he wanted to stay the night and were going bald even faster than he was.

He took another drink. "Is good."

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