Fish Fucked Fabulous

by Maria

A spin off from A Fish Called Krycek by Bernice

Krycek looked up at him with wide glossy eyes, completely sated, his mouth wide open, too slack jawed with pleasure and exhaustion to bother closing it. He looked oddly silly and completely beautiful at the same time. Well, Mulder thought to himself, the fish had just come three times in the last hour – he was feeling no pain, unlike Mulder, whose cock and balls had settled into a slow thrumming ache while he’d neglected his own pleasure in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. Mulder giggled, he could see it now, standing at some generic podium, dressed in one of those neon Hawaiian shirts that Scully insisted made him look rather unbalanced, leading a symposium on the sexual response of merpeople; ‘Yes, preliminary study indicates that the subject is able to reach repeated orgasm by way analingus.’ Mmm, somehow he didn’t think that’d do wonders for their funding.

None of this was of any concern to Krycek. He clicked and purred his throaty sounds, perhaps sensing that Mulder was not completely at ease. Well, maybe he just wondered why they hadn’t settled down to a nap, as was their usual ritual after their mid-afternoon coupling. Mulder rubbed the Merman’s soft belly affectionately, not having the heart to turn him over and fuck him – not after tonguing him there thoroughly to release, but not quite unselfish enough to take matters into his own hands either, so to speak.

He considered the fine mouth, still open, exposing the sharp incisors and the nubbly pink tongue that could crack and devour an oyster with ease. Should I do this? But how could he not. Mulder eased forward and slipped just the head inside Krycek’s lips. The merman didn’t know what to make of this at first, but when Mulder put a thumb in his own mouth and began to suck the merman caught on quickly.

"Yeah, good boy," he stroked the aquamarine quills on the fishie’s head and slipped another inch in slowly after the first. "Very good boy, you’re not going to hurt me, are you? No, you understand. Not a snack." Another inch, and Mulder would’ve sworn he saw laughter in those eyes. Does he like this, too? he wondered. Do I taste salty, like your sea? They settled into a awkward rhythm, until Mulder became too excited and his own jerky movements made the tender skin of his cockflesh jag on a tooth. He pulled out and inspected the injury, barely a scratch, but Krycek looked concerned. The merman apologised to the wilting organ with his tongue. Mulder reassured him, "good boy."

He finished himself off in his hand, straddling Krycek’s chest, and feeding his ejaculate to the curious merman, who licked it off his fingers with delight. He laughed out loud, then placed a kiss on the bridge of Krycek’s nose. And the merman simply laid there, completely uncomprehending and unconcerned. His fins splayed on the sand, eyes closing against the brightness of the mid-afternoon sun. Just content to be with him. Nothing more or less. He was not hungry or cold or worried or lonesome. And if this wasn’t love, he didn’t know what was. The world around them seemed to agree – the gulls and the ocean sang them to sleep.

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