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IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

For information on purchasing fanzines, please check the information page

due South             X-Files           Multi Media               UFO

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eXposure and Sympathy for the Devil SOLD OUT
Double eXposure and A Fish Called Krycek DOUBLE EXPOSURE IS SOLD OUT but a few AFCK left
Indecent eXposure  Five left

Over eXposure
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Two  OUT
Twogether  ONLY ONE LEFT
Bonded  SOLD OUT
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Cohorts 2 
Cohorts 3
Cohorts 4

Cohorts 5
Cohorts 6 NEW 2003
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The White Rose Of Night
UFO 1 - Identified
UFO 2 - Reflections of a UFO Zine SOLD OUT
UFO 3 - The UFO Zine That Came Back SOLD OUT
UFO 4 - Double Double Toil and Trouble

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Still a great talent!