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"And then we… um...?"
"Bonded, we bonded?"
"Yeah, you could say that."

"Bicker" by Gillian Middleton
Post ‘Red, White or Blue’, Ray still isn’t talking to Fraser – a bit of fun for the boys.

You look like a hustler," Ray grinned.
"A hustler," Fraser repeated slowly. "As a matter of fact," he paused and made a show of surveying himself in the mirror, "we could pass for a hustler and his pimp."

"Waterfall" by Barbara Tennison
Ray isn’t sure what upsets him most, Fraser mistaking him for Steve, or loving him as Steve. (‘North’ to ‘Vault’)
"Benny…" Ray said in horrified wonder. "Fraser, do you really want to die that bad, that you’d take me with you, now that you’ve got this lousy excuse about protecting some money?"

"Senses and Sensibilities" by Mona Moore
No one can keep a secret around a trained nose like Fraser’s…
"Oh, come on, Ray. Arousal, even suppressed arousal, results in certain hormonal changes clearly evident in the person’s pheromones. It’s been obvious for some weeks now. How could I possibly not notice?"

"Midnight Confessions" by Mandy
Fraser sets Fransesca straight on a few points about her brother.
"Yes, I know how he talks about my way of seeing things. Not to mention the comments he has made about where I live, or about the fact that I cannot rescue everyone. But you see, he does understand why I do it, even though he denies it, and when I get into trouble because of my convictions, he is always right behind me, helping me do what I need to do."
"The way you talk about him, it almost sounds as if you’re in love with him. I’d watch it if I were you."

"Brotherly Love" by Quill
Ray’s brother is back in town.
When they pulled up in front of the house, Al found himself mobbed by just about every member of the family. As he was being pulled into the house, Al flashed a look over his shoulder in time to see Ray and the Constable exchange a shrug and a warm smile.
‘Something is going on, but
what?’ thought Alonzo.

"Plus Ça Change" by Lee Owers
Finding the right time to say he cares tears Fraser apart.
"I suppose," the cop began, hands clasped around the Mountie’s waist, "I should find somethin’ faintly ludicrous about this."
Fraser was the picture of innocence. "About what, Ray?"
"Oh, you know," Ray shrugged nonchalantly, "Me, standing here, in the middle of my den, with a butt-naked Mountie."

"Late-night Opening" by Trish Darbyfeld
"Don’t be afraid," a soft voice whispered as the figure took one more step into the room and kicked the door shut.
"I’m not afraid," Fraser answered in an equally soft voice. There were two more soft, barely-discernable thuds as jacket and trousers fell to the floor, followed by a sursurrant sound as the shirt whispered down the figure’s arms, then body, as it drifted to the floor in turn.

"Objects in the Rear View Mirror" by Laurie Taylor
Ray’s tormented past may prevent he and Benny having a future.
Darkness. His father’s domain. Twenty years… Half a lifetime ago and yet so potent that every image, every scream and muffled cry was retained with damning clarity. His father he could feel above him, pressing down, reeking of alcohol and despair. Uncaring hands were raking over him, stripping away his clothes, denuding him of his only protection. And hot tears of fear, of impotence, were falling as he was flipped effortlessly over onto his belly like he was worth less than nothing.

"A Crime of Passion" by Mitch Hudson
A huge alternative third season novella.
They sat in companionable silence, reading and munching on snack food. Benny’s hand lay on the couch by Ray’s leg. Ray studied the long fingers, the light skin for a moment, then lay his own over it, glancing at Benny to see his reaction.
The Mountie didn’t look up, just kept reading the paper in the dwindling light. Awkwardly one handed, Ray turned a page then he felt Benny’s hand stir underneath his own. Benny turned his palm to Ray’s and interlaced their fingers. It was a good fit.


"My lover," Fraser said.
"My lover, Ray. You’re my lover," he said softly, his breath tickling Ray’s neck.
"Your lover." That made Ray smile. "Yeah, and you’re
my lover, Mountie."


"Would you want me here?"
It would be easier to say no. To send Benny away and die.
"Ray, can you ever forgive me?" Fraser whispered and pressed a light kiss to the top of Ray’s head. "Can I ever undo the hurt I’ve done to you? Do you… Do you want me here?" he repeated, his voice a desperate plea.

Also: "Shadow Puppet" a sequel to "Shadow on the Stone" by Jane Mailander.

Other information: No Fraser/Kowalski stories. Poetry by Sterling, Jane Mailander, Khylara, and Jeannie Marie. Contains colour photographs. 140 pages, 118,094 words. ‘Bonded’ is formatted double column, 11pts type face, minimum white space. And a sticky wolf – of course.

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