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"It’s just one of those special cases where alone we’re complete, but together we’re better than we are separately"

"Bubbles" by Gloria Lancaster
Fraser learns there is more to the art of bathing than simply hygiene.
"Is it late?" Ray yawned straight into Fraser’s face and Fraser had a good look at where he wanted to be: Ray’s throat.

"I Heard The Wind Call by Name" by Jane
Ray’s eyes are opened, and he has to come to terms with a whole new aspect of Fraser, one he had never even considered before.
He was inside, and it was too late, and he was not even breathing, his heart was as still in his chest as a ptarmigan hiding in the show, because he was looking at a scene of such devastating eroticism, he could have died.

"Finding Our Way Home" by D. Ramsey
What do I want... more than I have a right to ask from you? More than you can give? How about more than a touch or one night? I want to get so close to you that we are unable to tell where I end and you begin. I want you to reach me and show me all the things no one else can see. I want you here, now and forever... no end." Fraser stopped, unsure of the reception his confession would have.

"Front and Centre" by Moona Moore
Fraser keeps his mind active on sentry duty, although his fantasies keep his body active as well.
Ray, naked, sweating, fierce with arousal, plundering Fraser’s body. Licking and biting his nipples, pulling and squeezing at his cock, urgent, needy, demanding, and then, best, oh yes, best of all, those long knobby-knuckled fingers plunging wildly into Fraser’s ass, hurriedly preparing him for possession...

"Peace, in the Struggle to Find Peace" by Julien
Not much of a first time, is it?" Ray asked. "I should do better than this for you."
"No," Fraser replied, voice beautifully roughened. Ray wondered if he’d come just from hearing Fraser speak like that. "It’s our first time," the Mountie said. "it’s perfect, it will be perfect, whatever happens."
Ray stared at the man, frightened at the melting inside of him which meant he was falling in love all over again. "Ah, Benny."

"Shadow on the Stone" by Jane Mailander
Windigo comes to Chicago, bringing fear, pain, and death.
"It’s me she wants. Don’t want any more deaths on my head, Dief," he slurred. "Not right. ‘s my fault they died. All of them. They were my friends and she killed them..."

"U.S.T." by Fallon Oxley
Ray and Benny settle in to watch an X-Files Marathon, finding that the truth is within themselves.
"But does that mean he has forgiven her for shooting him?" Ray persisted, his heart hurling itself against his ribcage.
"They’re partners, Ray, they would only do what is best for each other."

"Cliffs of Fall" by Trish Darbyfeld
An ‘alternative’ to North...
"Any more humiliations you’ve got in store for me, God? As if falling in love with this idiot isn’t enough..."

"Paying The Rent" By Berdache
He’d used the catalogue to look up bondage because he’d understood that part of what he’d seen. He’d looked up sadomasochistic practices of human relations. He’d delved into what was available on pain, deviance, homosexual love, eroticism, and everything on male sexuality that was still in the stacks. Fraser rubbed his red eyes and closed the sex guide. What he didn’t need was a sex manual. What he did need was someone to tell him why Ray did that with that man... and not with Benton.

"Due Date" by Quill
When Welsh takes Ray’s gorgeous cousin out on a date, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

"Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose" by Sarah Bellum
Ray’s thoughts on leaving Benny (3rd season story)

"1978" by Gillian Middleton
Spanning decades, a story of Ray’s coming to age. Both then, and now.
Ray’s gaze locked with Frank’s, and then Frank’s hand was tangling in his hair and pulling his head down. In a moment their lips were meshing, their bodies still pressed together. Ardent young flesh burst into flame and they were unconsciously grinding their lower torsos together.
"I danced with Ray," Fraser said, trying to see if it sounded different put into words.
Diefenbaker yipped grimly.

Now, don’t you start," Fraser said sharply. "I know I never wanted to dance with a man before, but I honestly think that’s because it just never occurred to me that one could. Maybe it was seeing him in that man’s arms. It looked so natural."

Other information: Acrostics, haiku, sonnets, and other poetry by Sterling, Jane Mailander, Khylara, James Walkswithwind, and Jeannie Marie. Cartoons by Jane Mailander and Nola Frame-Grey. Contains colour photographs. 178 pages, 176,220 words. ‘Twogether’ is formatted double column, 11pts type face, minimum white space – optimum readability. Also contains due South zine database. And a sticky wolf – of course.

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