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"Do you have an axe for me?"
"I have two axes... Two..."

Winner of three STIFfie awards: Best Zine "Two", Best Long Story "Silence Keeps the Door by Gloria Lancaster", Best Artist "Bernice Russell".

Canada Dry’ by Gloria Lancaster
He touched, and let his fingers explore the delicate globes; like his own, but so marvellously different, "You’re lovely, you do know that, don’t you?" Ray said directly to the phallus, seriously, "Very lovely."
Trapped in a sauna, Ray Vecchio knows perfectly well how to handle the heat... and an overheated Mountie.

The Vigil’ by Catherine
The first burst of joy at the news that Benny would recover dissolved at the thought that he would carry Ray’s bullet for the rest of his life.

‘On a Good Day You Can See Canada’ by Sarah Bellum
Returning to Chicago, Victoria realises that some promises are forever.

Victoria’s Revenge’ by Catherine
Ray checked his wrist, a drop of blood was welling to the surface. Shocked, he stared down at her, wide-eyed with surprise, and a hint of fear.
Fraser searches frantically for Ray, trying to find him before Victoria is able to complete her plans for revenge

‘All’s Well that...’ by Michelle Christian
"I bumped into a three hundred pound woman who knocked me on my butt."
Slightly inconvenienced by a misstep, the boys have to find new ways to
amuse themselves.

‘After the Fall’ by Cyble Harper
The shadowy figure in the next bed shifted in the darkness, hands raised to press against hidden eyes. Ray knew the look that would be in them now. He wondered if Adam’s eyes had looked that haunted after the fall.

If Your Heart Is Tired’ by Rachael
Unable to face another day of desperate longing, Ray decides to break his ties with Benton Fraser.
Even thinking about fucking Benny felt like he was corrupting an innocent; he’d never be able to bring himself to touch him.

‘Somewhere In My Heart’ by James Kythe Walkswithwind
Unable to change who he is, to be someone he isn’t, Fraser believes he can never be what Ray wants.
After a few moments of silence, Ray heard, "I bet your friend doesn’t talk to his father this way."

"His father’s dead."
"And what am I?"

‘Heated’ and ‘Co-operation’ two stories by Quill
Red serge, guard duty, and a Chicago heat wave do not mix, but Ray Vecchio has the perfect solution.
"Do it, Fraser," was all Ray said. Sighing, Fraser turned around and slipped out of his soiled uniform. Ray sat back and watched, enjoying the whole thing.

Sans Souci’, ‘At the Urging of a Mountie’ and ‘Benny Love’ a trilogy of stories by Julien
Fraser has always been able to get Ray to do what Fraser wants, but this time he’s playing for the highest stakes ever. Old fashioned courting and romance are all he has to get through to a jaded cop.
"Don’t go getting any funny ideas, okay? Don’t you be making any plans that involve my butt!" Ray crossed his arms and shuddered a little, then wandered safely out of Fraser’s line of sight.


"What was the plan?" "I was waiting until you were ready, Ray. I wanted to let it happen naturally between us." "That’s it?" "Well, I didn’t say it was a good plan."

Ringin’ In The New Year’ by Gillian
"Just once," Louie muttered, pouring half the bottle into Fraser’s punch, "Just one I’m gonna see this guy with egg on his face. If that doesn't have him dancing on the table with a lamp shade on his head, I’ll... I'll Oh, God, I’m gonna puke..."

‘It’s Dogs That Fetch, Ray’ by Trish Darbyfeld
Getting Dief washed is just one more of the many errands Ray cheerfully runs for Benny on an average day. Not!

Silence Keeps The Door’ by Gloria Lancaster
A very long story that spans episodes, seasons, themes, and emotions.
He was nine years old again, and powerless, silent, gagged and muffled, and screaming inside, but no one could hear, and Ray would die here, in the dark, because no one would ever hear him screaming.


I learned to love him, I shall just have to learn not to. And everyday, please God, it will get easier and easier.


I really shouldn’t have kissed him that time, not like that. He looked as if I’d punched him or something. Am I so very unlovable.


Every sense Ray had was filled with Fraser, and with the love he felt for this man. I’m lying in this man’s bed, this man has kissed me, undressed me; I’m fucking this man, equal, honest to god fucking, raw and so good I’m gonna die if it stops. I’ll just die, that’s all, just die.

And other stories there is simply no more room for on this flier to describe...

Art by Anja Gruber, TACS, and Bernice Russell, plus colour photos. Acrostics and Haiku from Sterling. Statistics: 160 pages, 143,550 words. "Two" is formatted double column, 11 pts, minimum white space, and optimum readability has been maintained.

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