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Cohorts 6
Multi Media Fanzine from IIBNF
This will be the last multi media fanzine from IIBNF Press

Fandoms include: Black Books, Due South, King Arthur, Babylon 5, In & Out, Rawhide, Once A Thief, The Professionals, Star Gate, Real Ghost Busters, X-Men

PLEASE NOTE: The story "Alas, The Red Dragon" also appears in novella form as "Alas, The Red Dragon" from AngelWings Press. Please contact them at for information on getting this single story zine and other slash titles, or visit their agent at

Back Looks by A Worthyfriend, Black Books, Bernard/Manny, 6 pages

Bernard finds Manny reading something of a questionable nature.

"You!" Bernard pointed an accusing finger like the wrath of God, and Manny shrank into an even smaller, shivering bundle. "Get out of that bath, get dressed, and go downstairs and open the shop!"

"Bernard, let me explain –"

Bernard held up a finger, silencing Manny instantly. "Not a word, you filthy, filthy man."

Up and Down by Bernice, In & Out, Howard/Peter, 12 pages

Howard has reason to question his homosexuality.

Surreptitiously, he scanned their faces from under his lashes. Faces he’d known all his life, friends with whom he’d grown up – same schools, same teams – faces as familiar as his own. And not a spark of attraction towards any of them. Not one frisson, and, Howard realised with a deep sour, sinking feeling, there never had been.

Intramuscular by Yanez, Rawhide, Rowdy/Favor, 3 pages

"It’ll help him sleep. And after he wakes up," he addressed Favor with a touch of sharpness, "he’s your responsibility."

"Aint he just," Favor grimaced, obviously not unfamiliar with the thought.

Consequences, by Tiggy Malvern Due South, RayV/Benny, 11 pages

"I’ve loved him like a brother for two years. And now I know that I’m attracted to him as well. Why would God give me everything I’ve spent the last fifteen years looking for, and damn my immortal soul if I take it?"

Alas, The Red Dragon by E V, Arthurian, Arthur/Merlin, 39 pages

A saga of love and loss.

"As I recall," Arthur replied, "it is one of two occasions I have beaten you. The other being when I was still a lad with prickly pride and I suspect you might not have striven your best to win."

"And the last occasion you were flirting mercilessly and losing was one way to bring the match to an early close."

A Lack of Time by Gwendolen, The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle, 3 pages

The moment we were through the door and had it safely closed and locked behind us, I reached for him but he danced away, laughing, teasing. "Oh no, not on the hard floor, Bodie. We’ve got a perfectly comfortable bed."

The Road Less Travelled by Serious Moonlight, Star Gate, Daniel/Jack, 16 pages

The Stargate team meet their alternates.

Daniel held on tightly to the man resting in his arms, the weight of his body pressing against him. He tried not to think about the times he’d wondered what it would be like to hold Jack, just the way he was. the sadness that never quite left him ached in his heart. No, he had never wanted to hold him like this, not shaking with fear and in a kind of hell Daniel would never be able to understand.

Not a Good Day for the Good Guys by Starkiller, Babylon 5, Garibaldi/others, 5 pages

Warning: Extreme Content

The sounds of the dead and the dying, the howls of pain and despair had filled the night air. That night and every other night since, that had been the concerto that had lulled him to sleep. There was no more versatile an instrument than that of the human voice, wracked with pain and lost hope.

Out of Heaven by James, Real Ghost Busters, Peter/Egon 5 pages

Peter yearns for what is just out of his reach.

Because they’d agreed they wouldn’t ever talk about it. Agreed silently, but mutual consent, and it had never bothered either of them and they’d never even alluded to it since. Even if it was why Peter was very careful not to date girls once they said the ‘c’ word, and very careful not to come home whistling and bragging about his dates. And why he’d told Janine, one day, very seriously and very carefully, that as much as she loved Egon, he would never love her back the way she wanted him to.

Where Wisdom Meets Desire by Elizabeth Holden, X-Men, Guthrie/Gambit, 5 pages

Maybe it was his legendary mutant power of charm that did it. Sam didn’t know where that began and ended or even whether it existed, but it was more than he wanted to fight. The old lure was there, infuriating him with a combination of fear and desire. Of all the X-Men past or present, Gambit was the wild card among them.

Also: Once A Thief vignette by Clare, Cartoons by Nola Frame-Gray, other cartoons and inserts from various sources, The Professionals article by Blue.

87,808 words, purple sparkly public transport safe cover, spiral bound, column format with minimal white space

Cost including airmail postage: Australia A$15, United States: US$15, UK: 10.00 (other prices on request).

Or from US Agent

No overseas personal or bank cheques. Cash or Western Union money orders only (I’m experimenting with WU Mos).

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