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Cohorts 5
IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

Paris Luck by KMS
Star Trek Voyager, Paris/Chakotay, 64 Pages

Tom watched in horror as the viewscreen whited out, feeling the explosion rock the ship.

He held his breath, awaiting the outcome.

Harry’s voice finally filled the quiet bridge with disbelief. "They’re gone, Commander. The Captain and Tuvok didn’t make it out. They were still on the Caretaker’s Array when it went."

"Dead?" Chakotay’s voice reflected Harry’s disbelief. "Janeway’s dead?"

Tom felt himself go cold, his reaction to the news concealed by the expediency of having his back turned to the bridge crew seated behind him. The captain dead? A gaping hole opened in his stomach and he felt his heart fall through. No! The captain can’t be dead! She was just here. Smiling down at him, telling him to take the conn. No! Tom squeezed his eyes tight shut. Oh, my god, Captain, no! NO! Don’t leave me here! But the captain’s gentle voice was not there to calm his fears.

As if by instinct, Tom crawled his way to the Shuttle Bay. His months of cleaning the ship were paying unexpected dividends.

Somewhere in his pain-fogged mind, only one thought persisted. He had to get to Chakotay.

If there was any way for him to survive this disaster, the answer lay with his Captain and lover. This single thought guided him, the details of the briefing shining in his mind like a beacon. The ebb and flow of the planet’s ion storm would make it nearly impossible for the Away Team to make it back to the ship before Seska caught up to him. He would have to fly to his own salvation.

The Incident of the Leaking Barn, Jane Symons
Rawhide, Rowdy/Favour, 14 Pages

Favor grunted. It didn’t seem right somehow, languishing helplessly in another man’s arms. He struggled to sit up, thought better of it and allowed Rowdy to pull him close again. Maybe it was right, once in a while. Just to relinquish control, let someone else take over. Someone known and trusted and... Favor pulled himself back, hesitant about going where that train of thought might lead. It wasn’t easy for a man like himself to let go but he had to admit that the idea was wonderfully liberating. "You don’t think I’ve got time," he said as severely as he could, "to lie around here all day, do you?"

Separated For Birth, Demi-X
X-Files/Once A Thief (Krycek/Mac), 22 Pages

Alex stepped closer to Mac so that they were chest to chest, he slowly bumped Mac backwards until Mac’s ass rested on the hood of the car. He grasped Mac behind the neck with his hand, and looking directly into Mac’s eyes pledged solemnly, "I promise you won’t end up the bad guy in all of this. The last thing I want to do is hurt either one of you." Then, as if to seal the promise, Alex pulled Mac’s head down and met his lips. He gently rubbed his lips across Mac’s and then delicately pried the other man’s large sensuous lips open and seductively probed Mac with the tip of his tongue.

Last Call at the Great Northern, Rrain Prior
Twin Peaks, Denise-Dennis/Cooper, 4 pages

"Well, I can’t say I regret getting off," he replied, "but that’s a shame, Denise. A damn shame." The bartender set the drink on the counter and Dale pushed it gently in Denise’s direction. "Well, at least we’ll have tonight to catch up."

"Hmm," she said with a wry twist of a smile. "Maybe I have plans for later with that delectable young deputy, Andy."

Other fandoms: Due South, Highlander, The New Professionals, X-Files

Statistics: 107 pages, approximately 124,000 words. 11 pts, double columns, spiral bound, laser printed, p/copied.

Available from:
PO Box N213
Grosvenor Place Post Office
225 George Street
Sydney NSW 1220

$A14 Posted in Australia (cash/cheques/po orders, etc to B Russell).

$A17 to NZ or Asia.
8 sterling posted to Europe/UK
$15 US to America
No overseas personal or bank cheques. Cash or Western Union money orders only (I’m experimenting with WU Mos).

Postal address on information page

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