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Cohorts 4
IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

The Tick 5 pages

‘The Tick Vs His Urges’ by Katrina Bowen

"I’m looking at… The City. Home to goodness and wholesomeness in all its myriad forms. The last bastion of righteousness - a place where moms and dads are tucking their apple-cheeked youngsters into the soft, clean beds of virtue and pulling up crisp, white sheets scented with the fabric softener of family values. But underneath the City, there are… urges afoot."

Due South 25 pages

‘You Give Me Two Molsons…’ by Trish Darbyfeld

"I woke up naked on a bearskin rug with two equally naked young women either side of me." "Oh yeah, what were they doing there?" "Each other, Ray."

‘Patience’ by A. Worthyfriend

Fraser had that far away look in his eyes that gave Ray such a feeling of achievement. I’ve done it again, Ray thought, I’ve blown him back to Canada.

‘Roses’ by Khylara

The simple white card was unsigned. All it said was: Because I love you." Unfolding the tissue paper, both Ray and Elaine gasped when they saw the contents. Inside were a dozen long-stemmed red and white roses.

‘The Mountie, the Cop, and the Wardrobe’ by Jane Symons (New Ray)

Ray felt marvellously light and malleable in his arms. Increasing the pressure of his hand on Ray’s back, Fraser drew him closer until they were dancing cheek to cheek and Ray’s stubble was raking against his skin.

X-Files (Hercules/Due South X-over) 6 pages

‘The X-Over Files’ by OTC

You’d better find out what you’re called before you critics my name." "Mulder," Krycek said wearily, "I’m a foot shorter than I should be and you can throw me around with one hand. It wouldn’t get any worse if I found out my name was Buttercup!"

Mr Ed 1 page

‘The Time For Talking Is Over’ by Jane Mailander

He hated lying to his wife. He hated having to cover up for his outdoor wanderings that eventually led to him that small room. Above all he hated living in the moral terror of discovery. But his hate was as nothing compared to his love…

Rawhide 9 pages

‘Incident at Halfway’ by Mirna Cicioni

By instinctive reflex, Favor’s shoulders moved along with the backrub, rising and falling in small circles as Rowdy’s fingers steadily kept pushing, kneading, and releasing. He grunted softly in satisfaction and leaned back a little. "You’re right. This is somethin’ you’re good at."

Inspector Morse 22 pages

‘To Die With Thee Again’ by Ruth Collerson

"Tears, Lewis? For me?" he wondered. His gentleness finished me, "Reaction, sir. You could have been killed," I tried to say as I rubbed my sleeve across my face like any scruffy schoolboy. "Oh, Robbie, what am I going to do with you?." "Whatever you like, sir."

Suddenly Susan 7 pages

‘Suddenly Sexual’ by Fern Clarke

Toddy was singing lustily in the vicinity of his ear, and when he tried to turn, firm hands held his hips in place, as the young man bounced, his groin rubbing against Luis’ backside. Luis knew he should put a stop this immediately, but they were in a public place, what could happen?

Highlander 4 pages

‘Snooping’ by Bronwyn

"I met an immortal today. He’s young, but they all seem so young to me these days. I didn’t take his head, though I could have if I’d wanted. Something about him reached out to me and it’s more than simple lust." Mac stopped reading the small bound book that was Metho’s journal. "Lust?" he gasped.

‘The Art of Dying’ by Elizabeth Holden (Death/Sandman X-over)

"How do you feel?" "With my nerve endings," Methos answered. "Other people feel with their heart." "I hat one once," he conceded. "It was defective. I gave it away, and didn’t need it again afterwards."

Sherlock Holmes 22 pages

‘The Lion’s Den’ by Violet Nightingale

Dear innocent Watson! He thinks that I am chaste in the ways of the flesh. Hah! If he but knew the things that I have done - the experiences that I have had, he would no doubt be horrified. He does not know the darker desires of the soul that plague me always. I would be ashamed if he knew how attractive I find him.

The Sentinel            9 pages

‘A Single Soul’ by Gillian Middleton

Coincidence is when you buy each other the same after-shave for Christmas," the captain said heatedly. "Coincidence is wearing the same shirt to work. Coincidence is not you and your partner dying a the exact same moment on opposite sides of town!"

Once A Thief 2 pages

‘Catch Me If You Can’ by Rrain

Vic’s body was right there, hot and heaving and already half-bare. At that moment, it was impossible to resist. He leaned into those exploring lips, nudging them upwards until they met in a kiss to hungry he thought he might explode right then and there.

Die Hard with a Vengeance 2 pages

‘Die Hard with an Erection’ by Fern Clarke

Finally he felt the wary man beside him begin to relax, and was conscious of the arms that hesitantly circled his body. An unfamiliar feeling settled around his heart, and it took him a moment to recognise the sensation as contentment.

Other Bits

Poetry: Blake’s 7 and Star Trek: Voyager; Next Gen; DS9

Statistics: 120 pages, including art by Anja Gruber and Bernice Russell. Approx. 175,680 words. Colour covers. Spiral bound, laser printed, p/copied.

Postal address on information page

$15 Posted in Australia (cash/cheques, etc to B Russell)
10 sterling posted to Europe/UK - cash only-pounds
$17 US to America - cash only-US dollars

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