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Cohorts 3
IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines.  Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

Babylon 5 (8 Pages, 5%)

Biting the Bullet’ by Arch Ant

Garibaldi blushed. Jeff really knew where all his buttons were, and in what order to push them. He partially rolled over, causing Jeff to fall sideways. "You’ve got a dirty mind. I like that in a man," he said, before walking into the shower.

Professionals/Chief Crossover (4 pages, 2.5%)

‘Encounter’ by Kaycie

He had come too far to back out now. He wanted to feel strong arms hold him tight. He wanted this man to hold him and for a little while he would pretend that this was 5 years in the past and Alan was Ray.

Bodie celebrates an anniversary, coming to terms with loss.

Due South (55 pages, 35%)

‘A Sure Sign of Spring’ by Jane

Fraser gave him a look, half shy, half ravenous, and then without preamble tugged the white sweater off over his head, leaving him bare to the waist, honey coloured and smooth as silk, while Ray felt the brains leaking out of his ears.

Dief’s summer shedding allows Ray to perform another good deed for his Mountie.

‘Fear’ by Catherine

"Beautiful eyes." Benny whispered. Ray swallowed thickly as Benny leaned forward for a hard, fast kiss. Ray never closed his eyes, keeping them open, absorbing everything about his lover, the blue of his eyes, the scar at the corner of his mouth. He licked at it, jumping when he felt Fraser’s hand on his bare backside

Truth’ by Gillian Middleton

"Because there is no love between guys, Fraser. It’s hard hands and hard cocks and somebody getting hurt and humiliated, okay? Don’t dignify it with words like love.

It takes gentleness and care for Fraser to reach Ray

‘It Could Happen’ by Gloria Lancaster

Benny went right ahead being adorable all over the place, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it, short of shooting him in the back of the neck. Only trouble is, even the back of his neck is cute.

‘Living Life’ by Quill

Ray’s face was hard as he lifted the fourth drink and he gulped it down, the scene of his sister and Benny making love repeating over and over in his imagination.

Rawhide (9 pages, 6%)

‘Incident With Walt Whitman’ by Mirna Cicioni

Favor swallowed hard. Fool kid. For wantin’ me. The man who rode with him, argued with him, fought beside him, knew him as no woman ever had. As no woman probably could. And who wanted him as he was.

Favor falls into a trap designed to waylay the herd, and it takes Rowdy’s loyalty to save them all.

The X Men (18 pages, 12%)

‘Personal Magnetism’ and

‘Magnetic Personality’ by Elizabeth Holden

A Pair of concentric stories dealing with the relationship between Magneto and Gambit

Man From Uncle (27 Pages, 17%)

‘Russian Roulette’ by Quill

Illya opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling. For a long moment all he did was stare up at that ceiling, not a thought in his head, then slowly memory returned and with that memory came the pain. Napoleon, his Napoleon, was dead, and he’d pulled the trigger.

seaQuest (5 pages, 3%)

‘Sailor’s Choice’ by Arch Ant (Brody/Ford)

"You calling me a cheap lay?" Brody teased, his voice edged with lust and humour. "I’ll have you know I’m expensive... and worth it."

Gargoyles (6 pages, 4%)

‘Heart of Stone’ by A. Worthyfriend (Xanatos/Goliath)

"Don’t wish for anything. I won’t give you what you want."

"But just to be treated like equals..." Goliath stated. He almost crushed Xanatos’ hand in his before kissing the tips with the gentleness of sunshine kissing flowers.

Sherlock Holmes (14 pages, 14%)

‘On Account of Love’ by Violet Nightingale

In that singular moment of unsurpassed intimacy the sense of sharing something unique and remarkable was overwhelming and I knew then that I would never forget the power, the rapture and the sheer erotic joy of it as he adored me with his mouth.

The Beatles (3 pages)

‘Two of Us’ by A. Worthyfriend

Probably a pair of ‘horses hoofs’ as we used to call ‘em.

John had looked down his nose at me in that superior way of his, "Don’t knock what you haven’t tried, Paulie."

UFO (9 Pages, 6%)

Hard Truths and Strategic Lies’ by Keiko Kirin

"This is extremely unpleasant for me, Foster," Straker began at last, the words coming slowly, "so I’ll come straight to the point. You and Waterman – is it true?"

Other Fun Bits (don’t buy the zine for these)

Muppets, Muppets/Professionals cross over, Archie, Pros, Garfield, Highlander, Road Runner. Also: ‘Contribution to Science’ by Trish Darbyfeld, plus ‘Storm in a Tea Cup’ & ‘Until My Dying Day’ by Quill. Art by Anja Gruber

Statistics: 160 pages, including art. Approx. 144,000 words. Mauve public transport safe covers. Spiral bound, laser printed, p/copied.

$15 Posted in Australia (cash/cheques, B Russell)
10 stirling posted to Europe/UK - cash only-pounds
$17 US to America - cash only-US dollars

Postal address on information page

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