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Cohorts 2
IIBNF Press produces primarily slash stories and fanzines. 
Please be aware this is not a kiddie safe site.

Babylon 5

Dreams and Visions by The Vorlon, Sinclair/Garibaldi, 13 pages

After dinner, Sinclair guided him back to the room, with one hand gripping Michael's arm like a vice. Garibaldi flinched inwardly, and realised that Sinclair had anticipated his fear and his wretched cowardice. He was not being given a chance to back down. He suddenly understood that Sinclair was also totally determined where the evening would end.


Day Trip by McCartney Ferry, Straker/Foster, 6 pages

Before Ed could think of something to say, Paul was stroking his arms and sides. His hands settled on Ed's hips and he lifted him slightly. Ed gasped at the initial stabbing pain, then - then, this felt good. He let himself relax and just drank in the feeling - Paul's cock hard inside him, Paul's fingers teasing him, Paul's body blanketing him.

Despite and Still by Tara, Straker/Foster, 29 pages

Foster resisted the urge to shrug yet again, suddenly mesmerised by the blue uncertainty in Straker's eyes. They were beautiful eyes, and far too expressive for a man who tried to hide his true feelings as much as Straker did. Their uncertainty made him decide to give Straker the benefit of the doubt and assume he had wanted to see him for altruistic motives, not simply to check up on him as head of SHADO.

James Bond

Bond Strikes Camp, 8 pages

1953 spoof of Ian Flemming's books written by Noel Coward or someone like that

When he came out in his pants, the barracuda scars dark against the tan, a plain girl was waiting in a nurse's uniform. "Lie down, Gerda, and leave it all to Miss Haslip," said the young man. She stepped forward and began, expertly, to shave his legs and armpits. "First a shave, then the depilatory - I’m afraid, what with the fittings, you'll be here most of the day." It was indeed one bitch of a morning. The only consolation was that the young man allowed him to keep the hair on his chest. "After all, nobody wants you all sugar."

Inspector Morse

On the Edge by Tara, Morse/Lewis, 13 pages

Morse knew he was too demanding. He always had been. But it had never mattered before. The loss of previous lovers affecting hi with a pain which was traumatic enough at the time, but quick to heal, leaving only renewed loneliness in its wake. But with Robbie it was different. It had been different from the moment Morse had met him, and loved him, and wanted him, and known he would probably never have him. If it ended with Robbie now it would quite probably kill him. Morse had known that was how it would be for a long time. But the risk was worth it. Even though he had never lived on the edge like this before, even though he was finding it so hard to come to terms with the fact that with Robbie he would always be on the edge, existing on the thin dividing line between absolute joy and absolute dispair.

Blake's 7

Battle Ground by Tara, Blake/Avon, 7 pages

Avon hitched himself onto the stool next to Blake's, a warm, leather-clad thigh making contact with Blake's for a fraction of a second as he did so. An uncomfortable shiver of lust, so strong it shocked Blake, coursed down his spine. He downed more of his drink and willed the reaction away, readying himself for the verbal battle he was sue must follow.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Friendly Advice by Mary Eichbauer, Odo/Bashir, 4 pages

Odo clenched his fists on the arms of the chair. "You really are making this as hard as possible, Doctor. The point is, that I'm not sure what to change into. Oh, I know what a naked male looks like. In general. In a state of rest. But what does he look like when he's..." Odo paused suddenly. "Maybe I was wrong to come here." He rose to go.

Due South

Beaver Season by VJ, Ray V/Fraser, 6 pages

"Is it something I can help you with, Ray?" Fraser asked quietly, completely sincerely.

Unfortunately, Ray realised that. Otherwise, he would have given Fraser the sharp edge of his tongue. No, with Fraser, that would have been incredibly cruel. He'd look at Ray with those deep blue eyes, full of pain, whilst his face would not have moved a millimetre. Nope, Fraser was an expert at suffering under that calm exterior of his. That damned Mountie. Damned rock-faced mountain of a Mountie.

Raymondo's Secret, Benny Goes Down (Under), Did The Earth Move For You Too, Due South the Interactive Version all by Velcro Head

Painless by Sarah Bellum and Revolver's Prayer by Pogue Mahon are both now also included on the internet

Small Snippets

Professionals: My Lover's Body by India, Bodie/Doyle, 1 page. Plus Ren & Stimpy articles, How to be a Super Hero comic, Due South and Babylon 5 funnies.

11 points, two columns, Laser printed, photocopied, 113 pages, 110,740 words.

For mailing address and email, see my information page.

$A12 posted in Australia
$A15 to New Zealand or Asia
$US15 to America
10 to England or Europe


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