Lupin and Snape


I found this idea scribbled on a post it note, must have written it years ago. Might as well use it up. Strange little thing, hope the format makes sense...


Why are you here? Interupting my peace, disturbing my grudge?

"Severus… Do you mind if I join you?"

You think I should get over it.

"It's a wonderful night, isn't it, Severus?"

You think I should move on.

"Everyone's so exuberant; they're dancing in the streets."

You think I should let bygones be bygones.

"Why are you sitting here all alone?"

You think I should let it go.

"Not talking? Doesn't matter, but please, I would like to ask you a question…"

You think I should forgive and forget.

"I've often been curious. I mean, we all are, but only Dumbledore knew for sure."

You think you're better than me.

"Why did you leave Voldemort? Why did you come over to our side?"

You think you're more mature than me.

"I mean, it's old news now… but we all have all made speculations. Everyone has a different idea."

You hurt me.

"Was it to save your own neck? To avoid going to Azkaban when you first realised they were going to lose? That's what Sirius… what Sirius used to say. He never really trusted you, but you know that."

You humiliated me.

"Most of us, we think you realised that you were on the wrong side."

You made my life at school a living hell.

"Tonks thinks you were abused at home, and you only joined them to get away from your father, but that your conscience was too strong, that you couldn't handle the guilt any more and asked Dumbledore for sanctuary."

You made me so angry.

"Kingsley said he thought that your father probably made you join them but that you never really upheld his muggle-hating values, and that you broke away from them in defiance of your family."

You made me weak.

"Some of us think you never really belonged to their group, that maybe you were a plant all along."

You made me cry.

"I don't believe that, I think you were with them at first, but that you really did change back to our side."

You made me Snivellus.

"Please, for old time's sake, Severus. What was it that finally convinced you to leave Voldemort?"

"The Dark Lord started recruiting werewolves, Lupin."

"Oh… I see. I'll be… Well. Goodnight, Severus."