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IIBNF Press - fanzines and fan fiction

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Latest Updates

milinnerbullets4.jpg (1261 bytes) August 2010 - first update in over a year!

Smallville het fic - Lex Luthor/Amy Palmer.


milinnerbullets3.jpg (1283 bytes) May 2008 - some small story upates.   More details on the stories page.

No Specific Age' Mutant Possibly-Ninja Tortoise
Smallville, medium length  pre-slash Clark/Lex

My Boyfriend's Back - an iHero tag
Smallville, short

Joyeux Noel: Peas on Earth
Smallville, tiny slashy Pete-flavoured Clex

Radiohead Snippet 
A tiny pre-slash snip from a larger Smallville fic

Maggots - a very tiny slash V fic Mike Donovan/Ham Tyler.


milinnerbullets2.jpg (1220 bytes) October 2007 - a new Smallville story.  Clark Kent/Lex Luthor, slash.

iHero -  October 2007
Lex/Clark - very, very long story.  81,000 words. Slash.
Lex gets everything he ever wanted, even though he never knew he wanted what he got.  In true Smallville comic book style, he gets superpowers, a new lease on life, and Clark.

Until the Twelfth of Never October 2007
Lex/Clark - 10k words.  Slash.
There are two sides to immortality.


milinnerbullets4.jpg (1261 bytes) 12 December 2004: new short fics on the story page:

.  Valentine's Dance (Snape/Hagrid),
.  Snape's List, (Snape gen)
.  Old Dogs, (Snape/Lupin)
.  Good Bye, (Snape/Lucius)
.  Professor Quirrell Goes to the Medi Wizard (Quirrell gen)
.  Mary Sue Goes to Hogwarts (various gen - art by Brevisse)

Added to the Journal page; Treachery, Alien Vs Predator, Keeping up with the Big Boys.

I will have a few longer, more serious stories to post soon.


There has been a huge overhaul of this site.  I am losing access to the Gabriani website as the original owner wants the space back.   Also, I'm giving up my IHUG account and attendant webspace.  So I've jammed 20 megs of webspace into five.  This means some stories have been removed and others have been moved back to brussell.  If you have linked directly to Fish Called Krycek, or the two rat stories, please update your links.  New links can be found on the 'stories' page.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


milinnerbullets2.jpg (1220 bytes) Older entries deleted....

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