As seen on TV in Burke's Backyard
Miniature Goats Make Great Pets

Keep your little goat:

  • not for milk
  • not for wool
  • not for meat
  • just as a pet

Maximum height of
23 inches for does
25 inches for bucks

Price range from $100 - $300


2 goats

Miniature goats are:
cute, friendly, easy to care for, make good companions for your children.

Buy a healthy kid from a registered breeder, member of Miniature Goat Club of Australia Big Bell Logo
Kids for sale from
Big Bell Farm
1666 Kangaroo Valley Rd
Kangaroo Valley, NSW 2577
(02) 44651628


All you need is a green patch, a fence, and a little shelter or you can train your little goat to stay around your house.It will also love some green wattle leaves and a handful of cracked lupins or oats.

With Miniature Goats you build great relationships.
You can keep a single goat as a female
or as a weathered male

Boy feeding goats

Get your goat at a young age (4-12 weeks)and feed it with a baby bottle.
It will follow you round like a dog.

More information from Big Bell Farm
Bruno & Elizabeth Henke
(02) 44651628