Food sensitivity does exist! Are You Food Sensitive?

Additional Information for Diet Detectives


Read about the role of diet in behaviour, learning, ADHD, and allergic symptoms.

Joan presented this overview at a Child Psychiatry Grand Round at the University of Qld RCH in 2006, and at the AllergyGluten Expo in Brisbane in 2008. the talk covers: -


Who does diet change?

  -  Who is susceptible?

What is making the change?

  -  What diet factors should be excluded?

When can it happen?

-  At what age can it occur?

Where does change occur?

-        What diagnosis, what symptoms?

How does it happen?

How does diet affect behaviour?

Why has it happened?

-        Why this particular child?

What’s in it for you?

-        Understanding Diet Detective Work


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Diet & Behaviour - New Thinking 2008(1Mb)

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Food sensitivity does exist! Are You Food Sensitive?

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