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A Dice "thrower" for Mac OSX

DiceFroggerX is a "dice thrower" for Mac OSX. It enables up to four "dice" to be "thrown", displaying the result for each "die" as well as the total. It is also designed to help manage games involving dice by allowing you to enter a list of players ensuring that each person gets their turn in the correct order. It also keeps a record of the persons previous result, totals and averages. If you have any suggestions, bug reports or feedback send me an email (see below).

This program is FREE. Use it, distribute it, find WMD's with it. Do anything with it EXCEPT claim that it is yours or try to sell it.
If you still feel the compelling urge to pay something for it, then do yourself a favor and buy my other program PokieJoX. Its only US$7 and a bit of fun if you use OSX and like slot machines.

Download (964 kb - You will need Stuffit Expander from Aladdin to expand the file)
Read Me (Contains Version History - Current Version 1.0.1 - 20 November 2003)

Heres a Screenshot....

Email any comments, bug reports or suggestions to:
Brads Crap Software