Would you buy a used car (or anything else) from these "people"?

So why the hell does anyone fall for the scams of American spammers like these, which keeps them in business??

(Because there really is a sucker born every minute.)

What is the USA's biggest export?

Aircraft? Electronics? Software? Movies?


And how do American spammers get away with criminal theft of our internet and PC resources plus severe disruption of our business and personal communications?

They simply whisper the magic words "Commercial Free Speech" to their law-makers who politely nod, smile and look the other way.

The Americans are amazing. If foreign terrorists attacking the internet were costing US businesses billions of dollars per year in lost revenue, the US government would send in the cruise missiles. But when a mere couple of hundred of their own home-grown small-time criminals do exactly the same thing, they calmly ignore it in the name of "Free Enterprise"! Apparently the ill-gotten profits of 200 sleazy US criminals are much more important than those of all the big companies whose e-mail communications they've wrecked. Weird.

The American criminal spammers' website host of choice for their scams is
China Unicom.com

which dutifully ignores all spam complaints.

Here are their e-mail addresses for the spammer harvester bots to collect:

Click to read "Thank The Spammers"
The truth of how criminal American spammers have wrecked the internet for everyone else.

On January 1st 2004, the Americans passed their laughable "You CAN Spam" joke into law which has never been enforced in any signficant way.


This irrelevant 'law' requires spammers to make it clear that their scams pouring into your mailbox have an honest subject line (from a spammer??), to truthfully identify their physical address (a spammer would die first) and provide an opt-out mechanism which really works (we're more likely to be invaded by angry Martians).

Here's a graph from Spam Cop showing the reported spam statistics since June 2003. The only difference in spam reporting volume after the "You CAN Spam" "law" came into effect is rapidly upwards. The criminal US spammers think it's a huge joke, and they're right. Now MANY YEARS later, the sleazy American scam spam just keeps on increasing, many times worse than it was in January 2004, and the American government continues to let it grow exponentially.

Until the global e-mail system collapses and dies under the burden of American spam, here are a few suggestions which might help you in some tiny way....

Never buy anything from a spammer- it's a scam.
Spammers always lie.

Never try to unsubscribe from a spam list- you'll just get more spam.

Always send spam with full headers to US Federal Trade Commission and Spam Cop.

Always send Nigerian scam spam with full headers and "No Loss" as the subject to US Dept Of Treasury.

Please tell new internet users to read this page!

But you won't will you? It's internet user apathy which has let the spam problem get this bad.


These fools are so dog-ugly and dumb-looking that only criminal spammers would use their pictures. :-)


These are the hilarious faces which launched about 14,000 million criminal American spams pushing fake sex drugs in 2010.

Apparently the dim-witted American spammers think that the average internet user is as stupid as these goofy-looking losers look, and they think they'll make spam victims want to buy their fake Viagra.

Yep, they really are serious. :-)

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Sysadmins- check the free Sugar Plum address harvester trap tool.
Click here for a sample of what it does. ;-)

Protect website e-mail addresses from spammers' harvesting robots.

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Last update: 11th December 2010