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MICROCONTROLLERS (the sensible kind)

Avoid premature baldness & facial injuries!!
There's no need to tear your hair out or bang your forehead on the keyboard, from wrestling with the weird low-powered instructions of those RISC microcontrollers! ZiLOG has a range of very nice microcontrollers worth checking out.

If you'd like to learn the basics of microcontrollers...
Motorola has the excellent book "Understanding Small Microcontrollers" by James M. Sibigtroth available as a .pdf file. It's 2.9MB in size with over 300 pages. Right click on the logo to download and save it.

Don McKenzie's DonTronics has heaps of resources for Atmel microcontrollers (and some others).


North American service technicians look here!
Anatek Corporation gets about a quarter of a million hits on their website per month, and the reason is that they've got more good stuff for service techs than you can point a stick at (as we say in Australia)! While you're there, take a look at the new Electronic Flea Market and maybe grab yourself a bargain.

Clivetech Electronic Resources
Clive in England works in the electronics repair industry repairing all types of electronic devices, from high voltage drives to microprocessor boards. It is not always easy to find the right information on electronic components and manufacturers. With this mind, he has set up CliveTEC in order to speed up this process.

CE Shop in Sydney, Australia.
They sell a good range of computers and peripherals, consumables, mobile phones, flash memory, digital cameras, TVs and other electronics. Excellent prices and service by fast mail order, but only within Australia at present.

Click here for tons of good electronic schematics.

Interesting website for service technicians...
The National Electronics Service Dealers Association of Ohio has a website full of information and news for electronics service technicians, written in a laid-back kind of way. I think you'll enjoy this site like I did!

EEWeb Electronics Forum
This customized forum is very powerful and supports: threaded comments, ability to upload images and files, LaTex equations, etc. There you can discuss electronics with some very knowledgeable and mostly polite people in the business.

Gregg's Electronic Servicing Links
Check out Gregg's links to a lot of mainly US servicing-related websites including spare parts, tools and test equipment suppliers, HDTV information, organizations, etc.

Stephen M. Powell's 99 Cent ESR Adaptor
Stephen's super-cheap way of measuring capacitor ESR.

Are you into pinball machines or juke boxes?
John Robertson runs John's Jukes in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. If you're after servicing information, components, advice or anything else within reason relating to pinball machines and other electronic games or juke boxes, visit his interesting website. There's even a picture of John himself, complete with beard and a long green tail!?

Professional electronics design
Are you looking for a design engineer with wide experience in designing and building serious professional/industrial electronic systems, who does it right first time? My mate Les Grant at Grantronics has been doing just this for years, with an emphasis on:
Microcontroller Hardware and Software development, Digital and analogue, 8051 derivatives, 80C196 family, C, ASM.

Control / data wireless communications
Elsema Pty Ltd have been innovators in remote control / data wireless communications for 25 years. They make good gear- I know because I've used it myself! Download the detailed catalog on their extensive range of inexpensive modules, and check out their links to many other related web sites.

RCY Electronics Co. Ltd.
Located in Shenzhen, China, RCY Electronics manufacture virtually every kind of circuit board. They can produce PCBs from old DOS Protel Autotrax files, and in very small quantities for prototyping. You can e-mail Jim there by clicking here.

LEDs and all kinds of glowing things
I've included this link to the LEDsales website because there's so much interesting stuff there. Nixie tubes, rare neon lamps, all kinds of LEDs and lots more, plus some good information about electronic things which glow. One of the best websites I've seen. Definitely worth a look.

Crossover network parts for Aussie DIY speaker builders
Stephen Stekhoven runs Speaker Bug in Brisbane. He imports and re-sells high quality Danish Jantzen inductors, capacitors and resistors. If you're building your own hifi speaker system and you need crossover components, Stephen's the bloke to talk to! Click the logo to visit his website.

David L. Jones- Electronics designer
David L. Jones runs Tronnort Technology here in Sydney and was a regular contributor of high-tech designs to Electronics Australia magazine (as well as a writer of letters to the 'Forum' column). If you have a few hours to spare, visit his gigantic website which just keeps growing- he could be trying to get his name into the Guinness Book of Records as well!

Security & remote monitoring for primary producers
Russell Wright in Tamworth NSW Australia is a cattle producer who's turned his considerable talents to manufacturing some very clever electronic security devices for other primary producers. Under the "Southern Cross Surveillance Systems" brand, he's developed a radio-linked system which remotely warns of the entry of vehicles onto a property, and another which monitors the voltage of an electric fence- alerting the property owner if the fence is cut or damaged.


Can't see your GPS screen through polarised sunglasses?
If your GPS screen's unreadable through your Polaroid or other polarised sunglasses (unless you tilt your head), there's a simple cheap solution. Get a GPS screen protector from Ryda Dot Com and stick it on. If you're looking for another brand, make sure it's made of PET plastic film which is birefringent.

Has your car's odometer (speedometer distance indicator) stopped working?
This happened to me because one tooth of this tiny gear had broken off. Instead of paying a fortune to an instrument repairer to replace it, I bought a new gear from very helpful Jeff Caplan at Odometer Gears and installed it myself. Works perfectly!

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Lots of good internet links!
Visit Jerry Greenberg's Zoom One Utility Home Page for Search Links, News, Headlines, and Other Interesting Sites. Heaps of good stuff there!!

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