Some of the Dick Smith Electronics kit people!

Dick Smith Electronics management has closed down their Kits Dept which made the company name familiar to technicians all over the world. This is my tribute to the people who made all the ESR meter and FBT/LOPT tester kits which are on repair benches in nearly every country.

Note: These photos have been inverted for correct viewing in the Northern Hemisphere :-)

John Giacca

John's the Kit Department Manager who makes sure the kit production line is running smoothly, and he's the person who turned my basic ESR meter design into the professional-looking and easy-to-build K-7204 kit which has been so popular with technicians all over the world. John's a perfectionist, which is good news for kit constructors!

Bill De Rose

In addition to assisting John Giacca in keeping the kits moving, Bill's the guy who does those nice drawings in the kit notes and ensures they are of the highest standard. He also gets the credit for 'fine tuning' my LOPT/FBT tester into the excellent K-7205 kit, including designing the test inductor. Like John Giacca, Bill isn't happy until things are 110% perfect!


Elena is the friendly voice who often answers the Kit Department phone, along with helping to keep the paperwork and details under control. She's also John's and Bill's secretary.... very important to the smooth functioning of the Kit Dept.

The kit production people

This page wouldn't be complete without a picture of some of the 25 or so dedicated people on the production line, who assemble all the individual components into DSE's high quality kits. Each year around 200,000 kits are produced, with a very high degree of constructor satisfaction.

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Last update: 25th Mar, 2007