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The due South DSFICT Resource Site!

These pages deal with URL's that contain information or reference material that may be of use to Due South fiction writers. They are sorted into alphabetical order. Just click on each letter. I hope this is of assistance.


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Artic Bites Home This web site has all kinds of snippets on the Artic, and includes a small collection of Inuit stories (thanks to Katy Deery for posting this to DS-L many months ago)

An *index* of thousands of URL's on specific Canadian government topics. They relate to everything from meteorology to parliment to ice floe guides. Incredible set of links.

Canadiana Quick Reference 'Provides answers to some of the Quick Reference questions the National Library receives regularly' (Not much like our library where the main questions include 'Where's the stairs?', 'Where's the toilet?'and 'Why isn't this book on the shelf?')

Canadian Information by Subject 'Links to information about Canada from Internet resources.'

Canadian Government Information

Good Canadian Web site:

*Federal Institutions

*Government of Canada - Contents

List of Canadian consulates

Weird and Wonderful Lies about the Wilderness called Canada

It's the Natural Resources Canada - Querying Canadian Geographical Names Find Aklavik, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, and Moose Jaw!

Canadian Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade The Caribou Home Page.

CNN Interactive

USGS: Release of Declassified inventory

Date and Time Gateway This web site has all kinds of snippets on the Artic, and includes a small collection of Inuit stories (thanks to Katy Deery for posting this to DS-L many months ago)

* Masks! And here is a URL that was posted this week on DS-L, which contains info and images on the two masks that were used in MASK

Canadian First Nations - Native and Innuit InterNet Resources

Eskimo/Inuit Index Page

Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Web, Gopher, and ftp sites

The Arctic Bites Home! For those of you who cannot get enough Inuit stories. In HAAH, Fraser said the Inuit had 200 words for snow. Here are 32 of them.

Learn Inuktitut If you want to learn Inuktitut (the traditional language of the Inuit).

Tsimshian exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization Is Mask one of your favorite episodes? The check out the Tsimshian exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet: An absolutely brilliant link to hundreds of other Native American/First Nation Resources!

Kettering YMCA Indian Guides Internet Directory

NWT Guide - The People of the North

1996 Northwest Territories Virtual Explorers' Guide. When OFM gets homesick, he can visit this site!

Nunavut Planning Commission Transition Team

Nunavut economy

Nunavut government

Nunavut land claim

The Nunavut page

Nunavut Implementation Commission

*John Religa A retired Mountie who puts new anecdotes about his experiences every two weeks

*COPNet & Police Resource List

RCMP Main Page

Prince Rupert RCMP Home page

*NAWSAR K9 - SEARCH & RESCUE DOG UNIT - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

*Welcome to Regina

*Welcome To Lynx River

*Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Nanaimo Detachment

The Semaphore Page. Do YOU know how to spell MORON in Semaphore? Every Duser should!

Sydney White Pages(tm) SEARCH V2.0

A Resource Site. It has an on-line thesaurus, dictionary, languages converter, Bartlett's quotes, anagrams, and more.

Need to train a deaf dog? Maybe benton could have used the tips...

The USA CityLink Project

*Wolfhaven Wolf biographies, with lots of wolf information within each bio

*Wolf Dunn Links page Tons of links to wolf and wolf hybrid pages

*Dog Sledding resource page Including links to other dog sledding pages

*Wolves, Man and Truth Lots of info on behavior, bonding, and care of wolves in the domestic environment [really long url:)]

*Wolf Park A non-profit facility which conducts research into wolves

*The International Wolf Center

*Wolf Homepage

*Friends of the Wolf

*Desert Moon's Wolf Page Has sound clips and photos plus good info

Picture of Canadian Flag Picture of Australian Flag Picture of US Flag

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