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This is to announce the official opening of our new Inuvik
Centennial Library on June 20, 1996.  The first library was built
as a Centennial project in 1976, and opened in time for Canada's
Centennial year of 1976.  Since then the library has received many
grants, and books from private people and companies, and has grown
with books, childrens' programs, and increasing numbers of people
using the library facilities.

Over the last few years the Library Board has been looking for a
larger building, and the money to build one.  A building was
finally found which was an old liquor warehouse. With a grant from
the Territorial government, the old liquor warehouse has been
turned into a beautiful building.

Now the new building has increased space for all the new
collections and art work,as well as a multi-purpose room,
children's iceberg, a reading area, an Arctic research area, and a
large staff working area.  We also are connected electronically via
Internet, Government of the NWT electronic mail, the school
division electronic mail, and the Government of the NWT library
services.  In September with a project costing $100,000 we will be
connected via Internet on a 24 hour basis with both schools, Aurora
College,and the Research Lab. Watch for us on a web site.

Because of the new building gifts have been presented by a private
business person, the local Legion, Lions Club, and a private
northern research library.  I have outlined part of the history of
the Dick Hill Northern Collection as taken from his presentation

If you are interested in any part of the Northern Collection, or
need more information, please contact the librarian via Internet.
The address is library@internorth.com

                  Dick Hill Northern Collection

Dick Hill always had an interest in books and libraries.  On moving
to Inuvik in 1963 he broadened this interest to collecting northern
books, journals and research papers, particularly those concerning
Inuvik and the Western Arctic.  The material encompasses
historical, cultural, socio-economic and technical aspects.  This
northern book collection of around 10,000 items was donated to the
Inuvik Centennial Library to form a special reference section in
the new library building.  The collection has an estimated value of
over $50,000.

The Dick Hill Northern Book Collection was the largest privately
owned library in the Northwest Territories.  The material includes
rare publications of early explorers such as Mackenzie, Franklin,
Hearne, Richardson and Stefansson as well as recent books by
Northern authors Josie, Blondin, North and Fumnoleau.  In addition
to the books, Dick Hill donated an extensive collection of museum
material comprising of historical objects such as a Hudson Bay
Company copper trading kettle and a large stone Kudlak oil lamp,
Mackenzie Delta wood carvings, local minerals, historical maps,
early photographs, NWT Legislature Debates and northern newspapers.

While this considerable collection was in the Hill home the books
and references were available to all concerned people.  It was a
working collection to provide current and historical information on
activities and projects of interest to local residents, researchers
and visitors.  The materials were for reference only and could not
be taken out of the collection.  Photocopying was encouraged so the
information could be readily utilized.  The same policy of
"reference only" will be continued with the collection in the Inuvik
Centennial Library.

Dick Hill believed in the encouragement of reading and the
development of a good library as a catalyst to improve te quality
of life in Inuvik.  He actively pursued the opening of the Inuvik
Centennial Library in 1967 and its major expansion program in 1996.
Dick Hill strongly supported the library's theme of "Today's
Readers Are Tomorrow's Leaders."  He encouraged open knowledge
about all Inuvik activities with the thesis that "If we all have
access to the same information, we're going to agree on issues and
take logical actions"

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