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Article reproduced from the Sunday Post : 16 March 1997

Colin Cameron chats to one of the Highland's best-known bobbies.

If you're a fan of nail-biting stories, be sure not to miss Hamish Macbeth (BBC 1) as romance, marriage, murder, mystery and deceit are all on the agenda.

In tonight's opening episode, the gossips have a field day when the laird returns from holiday with a glamorous young fiancee. The question is, is it him - or his Highland estate - she finds irresistible?

New viewers who may have mixed feelings about the programme will soon find life in the remote Highland village of Lochdubh far from dull.

Indeed it was the exciting unpredictable plots which attracted leading man Robert Carlyle to the part of the laid-back bobby.

Tragedy and Joy "The stories are so varied and interesting," Robert says. "The audience can witness tragedy and joy in the same episode."

Oddly enough, it was these exciting contrasts which raised doubts with Robert initially.

"At the beginning, schedulers felt there were too many mood swings for the audience to handle. They were expected to laugh one minute and be in tears the next," Robert explains.

"However, the people behind the show were confident it would work well - and their faith paid off."

Robert confesses the popularity of the series has far surpassed his expectations.

"it's impossible to draw up a formula for success, but I believe everyone involved in the show has palyed their part."

An indication of the show's popularity came when the set was inundated by scores of eager fans - from Australia!

"Hamish is immensely popular Down Under," Robert says. "So much so, they screened the first two series together."

Coachloads of Aussie fans turned up at the small Highland village of Plockton where the show's filmed, hoping to catch a glimplse of their idols.

"It was quite bizarre to think people were visiting from the other side of the planet," jokes Robert.

Yes, they give us Neighbours and they get Hamish MacBeth in retturn. It's easy to see who's getting the better deal!

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