Robert Carlyle's Work In Progress!


Daigoro Face Productions and Distant Horizon for BBC Screen One

Cast: Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone, Phil Davis, Damon Albarn

Shoot: November 5th - December 20th 1996

Synopsis Ray is a 'Face': A known and active armed robber. After taking part in a complex daring robbery with four other 'faces' he is himself ripped off by one of them. The film follows Ray as he tries to recover his money and find Nina, his missing lover. A fast-action, hard-hitting and passionate thriller.

Executive Producer Anant Singh

Producers David Thomspon, Elinor Day

Director Antonia Bird

Writer Ronan Bennett

Casting contact Sharon Howard Field / Karen Lindsay Stewart

Crew: Line Producer Paul Tivers,

Production Co-ordinator Marianne Wilman,

Production Secretary Julia Wall,

Directors Assistant Joy Maxwell-Davis.

Location Manager Martin Robinson,

Locations Assistant Phil Clark,

1st Assistant Director Vebe Borge,

Casting Director Assistant Nadira Seeccomar,

Production Account Ray Buckley,

Assistant Production Accountant Louise Seaman,

DOP Fred Tammes,

Production Designer Chris Townsend,

Art Director Eddie Andres,

Standby Art Director Jason Carlin,

Set Decorator Carol smith,

Prop Master Johnny Mills,

Assistant Art Department Kirsty Flanagan,

Construction Cutting Edge,

Special Effects Dave Beavis,

Stunt Co-ordinator Gareth Milne,

Costume Designer Jill Taylor.

Costume Design Assistant Jane Hamnett

Wardrobe Assistant Charlotte Sewell.

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