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ZIPPY plays Wee Jock

amish Macbeth's constant companion is Wee Jock, a feisty West Highland terrier. He is played by Zippy, a white Westie from Dumfries. Producer Deirdre Keir explains the demands of playing Wee Jock: "He has to prick up his ears, look lively, follow Hamish devotedly, act jealous, growl menacingly and bark on command. Once he understood his motivation, Zippy was a one-taker performer."

Dave Stewart of Creature Features, suppliers of animals to the film industry, found and trained Zippy for the series. "Westies are quite excitableand aren't that easy to train," says Dave. "So I was looking for one which would respond to commands and which had bags of personality." Dave had a sure-fire way of exciting Zippy in an otherwise quiet moment, "I have a certain squeaky toy and when Zippy hears it he goes berserk," he says. On the first day of filming Zippy was ready for his big scene in Hamish's land-rover. His coat was all white and fluffy and clean. I spueaked the toy to get his attentionand he jumped straight out of the window and landed, face down, in a muddy puddle."


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