Hamish Macbeth Season Two Episodes

Hamish Macbeth is a young policeman whose beat is the sleepy village of Lochdubh, in the Scottish Highlands. Although serious crime isn't much of a problem, Hamish's work is kept interesting by the unpredictable people of the village, and the outsiders who are attracted by the scenery.
Episode 201 : A Perfectly Simple Explanation
(Screened on ABC Sunday 4th August 1996)
A hellfire sect leader sees the town as the new Gomorrah. Hamish's reputation is undermined and his tolerance stretched to the limit when he is denounced as the devil incarnate.

Episode 202 : In Search Of A Rose
(Screened on ABC Sunday 11th August 1996)
Whale-spotting trips and the disappearance of a local seafarer involve Hamish in a murky underwater investigation.

Episode 203 : Isobel Pulls It Off
(Screened on ABC Sunday 18th August 1996)
Village reporter Isobel stumbles on a story that could put her in the big league. She emerges with a fresh image and a hot new boyfriend, leaving Hamish squirming with jealousy.

Episode 204 : Radio Lochdubh
(Screened on ABC Sunday 25th August 1996)

Hamish turns a deaf ear to the local pirate radio station which is having a remarkable influence on the town. But when the radio authority sends a defector van to close down transmission, he is caught up in a conflict of loyalties.

Episode 205 : No Man Is An Island
(Screened on ABC Sunday 1st September 1996)
Personal crisis takes Hamish to a remote island from which he intends never to return. But he is not alone. Meanwhile, his absence from Lochdubh is keenly felt when his over-zealous replacement makes himself a nuisance.

Episode 206 : The Lochdubh Deluxe
(Screened on ABC Sunday 8th September 1996)
A family feud at the funeral parlour comes to a head. It is suggested that space aliens have snatched a body from the local burial ground.

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