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Hamish Macbeth is a young policeman whose beat is the sleepy village of Lochdubh, in the Scottish Highlands. Although serious crime isn't much of a problem, Hamish's work is kept interesting by the unpredictable people of the village, and the outsiders who are attracted by the scenery.

Season One

Episode 101 : The Great Lochdubh Salt Robbery (Screened on ABC Sunday 23rd June 1996)
Police constable Hamish Macbeth is baffled by two apparently unrelated mysteries: a huge quantity of table salt has been stolen from Rory Campbell's general store; and Geordie Robb, a local bully, is missing. Hamish outwits his superiors when he makes a connection between the two mysteries.
Episode 102 : A Pillar Of The Community
(Screened on ABC Sunday 30th June 1996)
Newcomers to Lochdubh Vicky and Paul Jeffreys cause a stir: Vicky tries to put reluctant villagers back in touch with their Highland heritage, gradually alienating them. Hamish investigates when this unpopular, meddling newcomer, receives anonymous threats.
Episode 103 : The Big Freeze
(Screened on ABC Sunday 7th July 1996)
Major Maclean (David Ashton) stages a robbery to make a false insurance claim. Before Hamish can settle things quietly, Inspector Bruce instigates a major surveillance operation.

Episode 104 : West Coast Story
(Screened on ABC Sunday 14th July 1996)
Hamish sets out to expose the hypocrisy of a bank manager. Hamish is having financial troubles, and Rory Campbell (Brian Pettifer) bails him out; in return, Hamish agrees to take part in Lochdubh's amateur production of West Side Story.

Episode 105 : Wee Jock's Lament
(Screened on ABC Sunday 21st July 1996)
A strange premonition, two escaped convicts on the run who injure Hamish's dog, Wee Jock, lead Hamish on a quest for revenge. TV John rounds up a posse to prevent Hamish from doing something he'll regret.

Episode 106 : A Bit Of An Epic
(Screened on ABC Sunday 28th July 1996)
On a mountain trek led by Colonel Don Maxwell, Hamish advises caution once the climbers have reached their goal, but Maxwell urges them on into a dangerous situation.

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