The Lochdubhies!

tartan strip

Episode 106 - A Bit of an Epic

(Screened on ABC Sunday 28th July 1996)
On a mountain trek led by Colonel Don Maxwell, Hamish advises caution once the climbers have reached their goal, but Maxwell urges them on into a dangerous situation.
TV John		'There's more paperwork than we thought, Hamish. I found 
		 these behind the cabinet'

Alex		'Have you seen Hamish?'
TV John		'He's away in the hills with a famous climber, hiking 
		 while the criminal fraternity of Lochdubh run amuck'

Hikers		'Stoppp!!!!!!!!'
Lachie Jr	'Do you think they want a lift?'
Lachie Sr	'No'
	They Drive on
Lachie Sr	'Course they bloody do!'
Lachie Jr	'You said they didn't'
Lachie Sr	'I was being Ironic, man'

Rory		'A bottle of Chmpagne for Esmie and myself'
Barney		'Right, Is that the ordinary event Champagne or the 
		 special occasion champagne your after?'

Lachie Jr	'I'm having to learn Spanish, Dad and I are going 
		 Pan-European. The Spanish are crying out for 
		 McCraie and son lobsters'

Alex		'Lachie, how do you propose to someone if you want to
		 marry them?'
Lachie Jr (with Spanish Dictionary) - 'I dont know, I'll look it up'.

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