The Characters Of Hamish Macbeth

"In the wild West of Scotland PC Macbeth is the only lawman in town"
There are a number of regular characters in the TV series of the Hamish Macbeth that
do not appear in the books. Their characters can be delightful and full of bittersweet humanity.

The Characters are:

Hamish Macbeth, (played by Robert Carlyle) is the local police constable . He is an unambitious man of extraordinary common sense and insight into the lives of the villagers who live within his sphere of influence.

Wee Jock. Hamish's pet Wee Jock, a small Westie, is his ever present pal and boon companion. Wee Jock has had several incarnations on the show, both in real life and as a character.

Isobel Sutherland, (played by Shirley Henderson) she is a young woman with ambitions to be a bigtime journalist, altho' at the moment is the reporter (and everything esle it would seem) on The Lochdubh Listener.She is madly in love with the constable, and is frustrated by her inability to be with him. Due mainly to the problem of Alexandra and the laddies confusion over his true feelings!

Alexandra MacLaine, (played by Valerie Gogan) appears to be a novelist of some repute. Unable to make her mind about whether she loves the local bobby or not, she manages to regularly destroy the peace of the poor laddies life. (But I'm not biased, really!) Perhaps he should be more careful what he wishes for!

TV John McKeever, (played by Ralph Riach)Hamish's friend and confidant. He mans the station when Hamish is away and is gifted with the sight. His sense of the right is a boon to Hamish, who talks over many of his problems with TV John.

Barney Meldrum, (played by Stuart McGugan) is the local pub owner. Very much in love with his wife. He looks good with a birch branch in his hand.

Agnes Meldrum, (played by Barbara Rafferty) is his wife. Handy with a knife and jealous of any woman that looks at her man!

Doc Brown, (played by Duncan Duff)doctor for the village. His car broke down in the first episode and we're yet to see it replaced. One of my favourite lines from the show is his, but you'll have to wait a few ep's to see it.

Rory Campbell, (played by Brian Pettifer)owns the local grocery shop and has high ambitions. Ambitions that his Esme is not happy with. Rory's taste in mood music might leave you a little surprised however!

Esme Murray, (played by Anne Lacey) is a teacher and owns the local boarding house. She and Rory are the talk of the town.

Lachie Snr, (played by Billy Ridoch) Lachlan McCrae, makes the local sausages (unlicensed) and is the local schemer and dreamer.

Lachie Jnr, (played by Stuart Davids) Lachlan's son and other half of the business empire.

Major Peregrine MacLaine, landowner & Alex's father. The Major and Hamish come to an understanding in one of the last ep's of the series. Sharing a frightening moment over an old WWII landmine would bring even the hardest Scottish head to its senses!

Neil the Bus, perceived as a simple man, he sees more than he lets on and has great affection for the original Lochdubh bus!

Flora, one of the town gossips. She appears to be employed by the Lochdubh Listener to knit!

Zoot MacPheron, runs the freelove commune, is very wealthy and drives a black BMW. He talks to cows and fell in love...but for that we'll have to leave you guessing!

The Clan MacLopez, Sired by sailors wrecked on the shores of Scotland during the rout of the Spanish Armada in 1582. They make sherry in illicit stills. Ferdinand is the patriarch, with two sons, Jesus and Manuel.

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