M. C. Beaton

M.C. Beaton is the author of 12 mysteries first published by Ivy, and now Bantam Books, featuring Hamish Macbeth (the local bobby in the sleepy Scottish Highland village of Lochdubh) and his eccentric neighbors. Macbeth is a quiet, artfully lazy man who often wonders why no one else "understands the happiness and contentment of the truly unambitious man." Hamish's peaceful life is disrupted throughout the series, however, as he is faced with murders in his orderly town. The victim is almost always some meddlesome outsider who seems to have invited his or her own demise. Macbeth solves the murders in his easygoing Highland style.

Beaton's Hamish Macbeth is now featured in a television series in England. It has been written and produced by the same people who produced Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse. The title character is played by Robert Carlyle, who has played in the the feature films Trainspotting, Priest and Riff Raff.

Beaton also writes a mystery series featuring retired London public-relations executive Agatha Raisin. In the first book, AGATHA RAISIN AND THE QUICHE OF DEATH (8041-1163-4, 12/93), Agatha has sold her public-relations firm and retired to the picturesque Cotswold village of Carsely. Blunt and pushy, Agatha makes a mess out of her first aggressive attempts to fit into village life. Determined to gain acceptance among the villagers, the undomestic Agatha cheats in the local bake-off by entering a store-bought quiche. Her secret is revealed when the judge dies -- poisoned by her quiche. Agatha hopes to save face by finding his murderer -- and thus becomes the local village sleuth. Her adventures continue in AGATHA RAISIN AND THE VICIOUS VET (8041-1162-6, 9/94).

M.C. Beaton also writes under the name of the regency romance author, Marion Chesney. She lives in a Cotswold village.

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