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The due South DSFICT Resource Site!

It all started when Judy said...

	"I was working on a DS story tonight and as I rummaged through a bunch 
	of references I've collected I thought "gee, I wonder how everybody else 
	figures out what kind of moss Benny would find growing on a tree in the 
	Northwest Territory?"

	"And then I had this idea...what if we had a resource site..."

And I put my hand in it so to speak and Judy had a resource site...& here it is! :)

If you have (or find) some helpful reference you've used to write a DS story (book, URL, person, phone number for information, magazine article, whatever) post to DSFICT-L and tell all of us about it. DSFiction Reference Archive will be glad to keep a log of all those posts for us so it is always available to everyone, whenever they want.

These pages are in the middle of construction but I know you guys will be patient... You're just that kind of fan. I also know that when you see something that may need attention or rectification, you will let me're just that kind of fan! Thank you kindly!

The Article Archive - Will make articles available on various Due South topics. This site will be up soon. It is much more intensive than I planned.

The Book Archive - Lists books available on various Due South topics.

The Character Synopsis Archive - Compiled by Elyse Dickenson, this archive lists all the major characters and their strengths, weaknesses and foibles. Is invaluable for any writer of Due South

The Other Archive - Lists lots of Other sources (ie articles, phone numbers, etc) available on various Due South topics.

The URL Archive - Lists URL sites available on various Due South topics. This one has been updated and revamped.

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