Forwarded by Susan Bunting

Originally transcribed and posted by Scott Holman

Reproduced without permission.

        "When a Mountie says 'I'll call you,' maybe he's the one man you
can believe.
        A unique pillow-and-talk promotion is trying to save the Toronto-
made TV drama DUE SOUTH from cancellation by its US network.
        The World's First Television Wake-up Call will phone views to
remind them to watch the show tonight, June 9 and 16 in its new Friday
9pm timeslot.
        The show has set ratings records in Canada, but finished 54th on
the U.S. schedule.  CBS has not renewed it for the fall schedule, but may
bring it back as a midseason show if it does well in the next three weeks.
        To register your name in Constable Bentons Fraser's little black
book, phone 212-260-3744 and ask for extension 17 or E-mail them at
        You'll get a call an hour before the show.  If you're home
they'll even send you a chocolate covered mint to put on your pillow for
next week."