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For bright writing, dark fun prepare to head 'Due South'
by Scott Williams, Associated Press

Don't miss DS tonight.

CBS' eccentric comedy of a handsome, straight-arrow Mountie fighting
crime in Chicago has come up with one of the year's best suspense
dramas. It's sexy, smart and guaranteed to keep you guessing. Surprised?

You're entitled.

DS was written off as this past season's one-joke series, i.e. Dudly-
Do-Right as "McCloud", a crime-buster who rescues kittens in trees and
tells streetwalkers he's not ready for a serious relationship just now.

Assigned to consular duties in Chicago, Mountie Benton Fraser (PG) makes
miserable his cynical, street-wise police detective overseer (DM). Thus
"Due South".

The hitch is, that wasn't quite the whole picture. Viewers who stuck with
DS quickly learned the series is given to unpredictable, sometimes violent,
mood swings. Instead of endless Canadian jokes, comic pursuits and lurid
villainy undone by the last commercial, DS sometimes would lean toward a
kinky, monochromatic tincture of black comedy and moral ambiguity. Eh?

"I liked to reinvent the series every five or six episodes," acknowledged
PH, its Canadian creator and executive producer. "When I got bored with the
tone of the last week's episode, I'd decide to do a dark one."

Dark is unquestionably the mood of tonight's two-hour movie, directed by
Mr. Haggis from a script he co-write with David Shore.

"We were in the middle of shooting it and CBS told me they wanted two more
episodes!" said "L.A. Law" veteran PH, a writer-producer for 
in its first year. "I said, 'But this is supposed to be the season finale!'"

What a finale it would be, too.

Tonight's DS at last explains Fraser's long-standing emotional isolation:
He's haunted by the memory of a woman he deeply loved and whom he believes
he deeply wronged.

It was eight years abo and Victoria (MK) was on the lam from an Alaskan
bank job. Her plane went down in the Frozen North. Fraser tracked her into
the teeth of a Yukon blizzard, saved her life, fell in love with her --
then sent her to prison.

It doesn't help that the beautiful Ms. K could make Sgt Preston write 
to her parole board.

Mr. H illustrates Fraser's turnoil with a snow-filled memory dream that is 
haunting and poetic as it is surreal. That snowfall motif winds through the

So when Victoria appears in Chicago, Fraser realizes that he has been given
a second chance. Against his better judgment, Fraser finds himself in love
with a dame with a past. And, wouldn't you know it, a damsel in distress.
One of her confederates in the bank job has escaped from jail, convinced
she's holding onto the $500,000 never recovered from the heist.

A bank job. An escaped psycho on the warpath. A beautiful dame.
A Mountie in love. A wolf named Diefenbacher. Got it?

CBS, which orphaned the series against NBC's dreadnaught Thursdays, still
has not officially canceled DS, which ended the season tied for 54th with
"BH 90210", "Love & War" and seaQUest DSV".

The network is considering DS as a midseason replacement, should it perform
well in its new time slot tonight and in the next two weeks.