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PAUL GROSS - by Alison Cunningham

If you're reading this, you've seen PAUL GROSS's picture and his appeal
is obvious.  If you looked up "dreamy" in the dictionary you might find
his photo beside the definition.  Gross, who plays Const. Benton Fraser
on DUE SOUTH, personifies why women have for years fallen for men in
uniform.  His looks are part grown-up boy scoout and part RCMP
recruitment poster boy: strong face, chiselled cheek bones, a square jay
and a ready smile.  And his lanky physique...sigh.  His sturdy looks make
the maple syrup that is my northern blood pulse through my veins.  Oh,
was I gushing?  Sorry.  His charmingly quirky portrayal of the naive
constable is the reason Gross is becoming Canada's Most Wanted Mountie.
Fraser, a composite of every Canadian stereotype in existence, could
easily give viewers the impression that the average Canadian male is a
total goofball. (I won't address the verity of that statement.) But Gross
brings to life a character who is sweet, honest and funny.  His appeal to
women is that he gives them faith in the goodness of men.  The actor's
ability to play Fraser so convincingly - and his drop-dead looks - have
made him a reluctant heartthrob.  The cerebral Gross, an award-winning
playwright and accomplished scriptwriter, is endearingly embarrassed by
the fuss made over his appearance.  "It's so weird.  It doesn't seem to
have anything to do with me,"  he says.  Come again?  "It's part of the
entertainment business, but it's bizarre.  OK, my goal since I was three
was to be a hunk.  I admit it."  Mission accomplished, constable.

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