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due South has finally finished showing all it's produced episodes. This means that for all intents and purposes due South is come to an end. I must admit that I personally feel the show ended at the end of the 2nd season. No negative reflection of the 3rd and 4th season is intended...it's just my personal opinion.

PictureOne of my favourite TV show's Due South is a mixture of comedy, drama and action, galloping through the streets of a virtual Chicago, (created from the very different streets of Toronto) it blends darkness and light to create a well rounded, never dull show, that keeps you on your toes, never sure of what it will do next. It's quirky nature depends on the highly skilled team that produce the show. Writers, actors, and production staff, one and all!

The main characters of the show are a mountie, Constable Benton Fraser his friend, Detective Ray Vecchio and doughnut afficianado, Diefenbaker (a deaf wolf (?) who reads lips :)). In real life the actors who play these roles are Paul Gross, David Marciano and Lincoln.

During his personal investigation into the murder of his father, Constable Benton Fraser uncovers the corruption of fellow officers in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their complicity in the destruction of the Canadian wilderness. All in the name of progress. After testifying against them, Benton is transferred to Chicago because nobody in Canada was willing to take him. "It's a long story, takes about 2 hours to tell..."

His sojurn in this wild and unpredictable city is eased by the presence of his friend, Detective Ray Vecchio. and while together they fight crime, they, in turn teach and support each other. Benton continually tries to help Ray develop his more sensitive side while Ray, attempts to instill in Benton his own style of street smarts.

Benton's Women

Benton has a track record with dark haired women. They either break his heart or he can't run away fast enough. Some of the women in his life are...

The love of his life, Victoria Metcalfe. They shared 5 days in a blizzard, before he turned her in. She came back...to destroy his life. His Superintendent, Meg Thatcher. Red suits her and Ben enjoys sharing a cup of coffee with her. His romantic nemesis, Francesca Vecchio. She had him cornered at one stage, but appears to have let him escape. The woman who heals his wounds, Elaine Bresbris. Admires Benton from afar.

The History of Due South

Due South was renewed against all odds. Due South was picked up by a combination of European nations, Alliance and CTV. Shooting started on March 17th, 1997 for airing dates in the Northern hemisphere fall season.

It was a long road for the award winning series. Canned twice by the US CBS, the show came back against all odds to survive for a 3rd season. Much of this was due to the persistance of the fans and the Canadian company that produced the show, Alliance. Their determination finally paid off with co-production contracts being signed with the UK's BBC, France and Germany.

In October 1996, word came that the show due South would not be renewed. It was not picked up as a mid-season replacement by CBS. However, Alliance, the production house that makes due South, were still actively looking for backers in other parts of the globe, and the fans to whom the show meant so much, were not about to give up on the program either. They continued their letter writing campaign and maintained their contacts via the internet and regular email discussions.

The changes that were made to due South were ones that could have been revitalising had the writing skill of the first and second season episodes been available. However while some of the writers from the those seasons were available, the most important were not. I believe the show suffered from the lack of a clear direction at the end of it's run. It never quite regained its sense of whimsy or gentle humour. I will always miss the contribution that David Marciano could have made to the show as well... ...that is not to say the Callum Keith Rennie was a poor substitute. He gave us a sense of a tortured character that was interesting to know. No fault to him. Anyhoo this is just my personal opinion.

Due South Video Cover

due South Video Cover's

I created a DS video tape for my own library. Some of the members of the Sydney DuSer's really liked them and Helen suggested that we should put them on a WebPage. Viola! If you would like DS video tape covers try these.....the usual disclaimers apply. These are a non profit service for the friends of Due South. Enjoy!

I have changed this page so that only a thumbnail of the original cover appears. This will save time for those of you not interested in downloading the cover. To obtain a full size VHS video cover, follow the directions below.

If you are unsure of how to obtain this picture, click with your left mouse button on the picture (if your a Mac user simply click on the picture). A full size copy of the picture will load. With your right mouse button, click on the picture (again if your a Mac user simply click on the picture). When the mini menu appears, select "save this image as..". The .gif will then be saved to your machine. You will need a colour printer to produce it. Hope that helps :)

If your interested in seeing other images, sounds and pages devoted to due South, try visiting my Links Page.

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