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Click on the image above to enter Stephen Clark's web site. This address,, has gone through many incarnations:
July 11th, 1997 -- it was called "Stephen's Poetry" and it contained nothing more than four poems and an index.
October 3rd, 1997 -- the site was expanded and renamed "Steve's Creative Outlet". It included more creative writing and information about Stephen.
May 27th, 1998 -- the site was transformed into "Stephen's Institution". This was the description: "It's not a web-site ABOUT a psychiatric hospital -- it's a web-site which IS a psychiatric hospital. Step inside and you are immediately trapped by the nurses and orderlies who believe you are mentally ill. While you are imprisoned here, why not have a look around and search for Stephen. But don't stay too long -- just the atmosphere of this place is enough to drive you insane."
July 3rd, 1999 -- the site became "Stephen's Rock Pillow." It was an interactive story in which the viewer takes the role of a homeless person who is wandering around Melbourne aimlessly, and Stephen is the voice in their head who tells them stories, both true and fictional. That version of the site is still on display here.
July 31st, 2001 -- the site was renamed "Don't Worry". It incorporated "Stephen's Rock Pillow" as a sub-section and was expanded to include photos, drawings, writings, information, computer graphics and all kinds of interactive artwork.
January 10th, 2003 -- the site was downsized, the official address was changed to and the name was changed to "Gitchi". Most of the photos and interactives were deleted, and a weekly journal was begun.