The "Birthday" photos can stay for a while. I will change the selection of later pictures as they become available.
(And space remains available in my allocation at Ozemail).

The P. and M. Hird family started GROWING on Wednesday 11 August 1999.

Therese arrived weighing 7 pounds 9 oz.

And baby makes three

And now we have THREE generations!! Three generations

Here are some later pictures. Click on a small picture to enlarge.

Click for larger pic Isn't she the cutest?? . . . Must take after her grandmother(s) !!!

Click for larger pic She is exploring the big wide world. . . NOTE: Grandad O'Shea had NOTHING to do with this !!!!

Click for larger pic I'm a big girl now I'm ONE - but I still like to hold onto a finger when I go walking

Click for larger pic October 2000. Looking after Dad while visiting Granny and Grandad.

Click for larger picFebruary 2001. At rehearsal for Aunty Carolyn's wedding.

Click for larger picHelping Grandad to clear the garden. Well somebody has to watch the bonfire!!

Click for larger picChristmas 2001. Having fun in the tunnel. Nobody can catch me in here.

Click for larger pic June 2002. When the adults are moving house, what's a girl to do but jump off the packing boxes?

Click for larger pic June 2003. One day I might paint something like this on my bedroom wall ...

Click for larger pic July 2004. This is my special purse.

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