Another walking trip in Tasmania

Trip to the South West wilderness area of Tasmania

There is a different kind of beauty here.

Reflections at Melaleuca

Reflections over Moth Creek at dusk on our first evening at Melaleuca.

Participants/Victims: Bernie O'Shea / Corrie Van den Bosch / Allan Rose / Vera Newberry / Gwen Thomas

Background: This trip was on the program of the Catholic Walking Club of Victoria, but it began as an idea at the end of a trip to the Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania in December 1999. Corrie and Gwen had experienced the area before, but for the others it was something new. The South Coast track officially goes from Melaleuca to Cockle Creek, but direct access to Melaleuca is either by air to the small airstrip, or by boat. We considered accessing the track by road, that is walking in to Melaleuca from the Scotts Peak Road, (Port Davey Track) but this would require an additional five days walking, which was not comfortably available. Also, it would mean walking the track in the recommended minimum of five days, which would not allow for possible flooded creeks, other delays, or enjoying the beaches in good weather during easy short distance days. So we elected to fly to Melaleuca.

Cessna 206 at Melaleuca
Our Cessna 206 on the runway at "Melaleuca International"

Cox Bluff
Sand between the toes on the beach at Cox Bight with Cox Bluff in the background

Work in progress ... More to come ...

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