NABBA Australian Bodybuilding Championships
Saturday 22 May 1999

There were five classes of female competitors:
Figure Class 1 (Tall)
Figure Class 2 (Short)
Over 35
and a non-bodybuilding fitness competition called Figure/Fitness.

At the risk of offending those relatives and friends who have not yet been exposed to "serious" female muscle, I am afraid that the winner of this contest - Christine Envall - has serious enough muscle to be world champion more than once!

So here are some Bernie photos at random:

Physique Line
Part of the Physique linup: Taylor Young (NSW).... Christine Envall (VIC).... Sue Isaac (QLD)

Chris EnvallAbs with a smile! MOST muscular!!Sue Isaac
Charmaine? Qld

And now three from the "Figure" Sections

And just a couple more from PHYSIQUE!

And finally a look at the lineup for the Figure/Fitness competition. Three beautiful women who displayed fitness and strength with impressive aerobic style routines, and great personalities when they addressed the audience.

Another kind of bodybuilding

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