Our elder daughter was married on 17 January 1998, and what better subject for her page than photos of the big day. There are hundreds of these about, and the size of this collection will depend on how much work is done with our scanner

Melanie married Peter Hird on a fine Melbourne day on which the temperature reached 42 degrees C.
(That's 107.6 degrees F. for those of you who measure temperature that way!)

This is a mixture of various scenes without too much explanation.

The stars of the show

Melanie & Bernie

Twin sisters??

Melanie & Judith

Let's go find a husband!

In the car

Peter! You bought me a ring? How nice!

(Uncle Morgan looks on - "This happened to me once..")

Putting the ring on

What a fine looking group of supporters

(Hint - Carolyn is on the left!)

Wedding Party

James and Tricia Hird - Bernie and Judith O'Shea

Both parents

And the skilled video operator is the multitalented Stephen Clark - Yeah!

Go Steve!
Click for larger happy coupleAnd so they settled down to enjoy married life.
Click for the BIG picture!!

And the following year, a baby arrived !

For pictures of the first offspring -clickHERE

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