Young James was born in the Angliss Hospital birthing suite (Ferntree Gully, Melbourne) early in the morning of July 3rd 2001.

A fairly short but dramatic labour.....

James weighed a little more than Therese on arrival at 8 pounds 14 oz.

And baby makes four

Here is one taken at Melanie and Peter's house on the day of James' church blessing - August 5th 2001.
Melanie and James

Granny Judith is singing a lullaby (as you do ...)
Judith and James

Here are some later pictures. Click on a small picture to enlarge.

Click for larger pic My first symphony! I hope the orchestra can play it properly!

Click for larger pic With great grandma O'Shea. I think she has dealt with babies before!

Click for larger pic Peter and James share a "man to man" moment ...

Click for larger pic And I learnt about hot things in the kitchen today ......

Click for larger pic Sometimes you have to explain things to Granny very carefully.

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