Bride of the year!

Bridal waltz

And now we return to the "How it came to be" department.
This is Carolyn on the day she received her Bachelor of science degree from Melbourne University.
The brains of the family!

Carolyn on graduation day

If you would like to see how she looked as a bridesmaid . . . .
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In July 1998, Carolyn went to Europe, trying to civilise the natives. . . .

Of course she failed miserably . . (they are still as uncouth as ever over there) and returned to Australia in early January 2000.

But she DID manage to save ONE of them . . . see below . . .

This is a shot of the jet-setter in Paris - decorating a well known landmark Eiffel Tower
And this shot turned out to be a significant omen for the future.
Carolyn met Matthew Morgan very early in her trip, and obviously liked what she saw!

Good times with Matt

When Judith and Bernie visited the U.K. in September 1999, all Judith's family spent a few days together at a very special place for them in North Wales - Trearddur Bay - where they have spent holidays since their childhood.
During this time, on Sunday 19th September, Carolyn and Matt returned from a walk and announced that they had decided to become engaged. Champagne and celebrations were the order of the day!

The wedding was on 23 February 2001.
The ceremony was held at a beautiful old Australian homestead called "Emu Bottom" near Sunbury, on the northwestern edge of Melbourne. We had guests who travelled HUGE distances to get there, and a great evening was had by all. Expect to see more photos posted here when they become available.

In the sun at Trearddur Matt and family
Matt and Carolyn after the announcement . . . . . . . . . . . .Matt, Carolyn and some of the Morgan family

Matt Carolyn & Therese
Back in Australia, and making friends with our grand-daughter - Therese - in Diamond Creek.

Since March 2003, Matt and Carolyn have been living and working in Canberra. Matthew to complete his Ph.D. at the Australian National University (ANU), and Carolyn working in the hospital system using her newly acquired qualifications in Medical Laboratory Science.

She was the top student on her course last year, you know! Results of hard work

Carolyn and CharlesJuly 2004. Shows her skill at keeping babies asleep! With nephew Charles.

Their email address remains the same as before:
Email direct to Carolyn and Matt

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