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Many people (including my own daughters) consider visible muscle on a woman to be highly undesirable. Yet well known athletes in Australia, such as Cathy Freeman and Lisa Curry-Kenny display very noticeable muscle to general public acclaim. In the words of a recently famous politician ... "Please explain ..?"

So on this page, I would like to present some photos of women with muscle - all taken by me over a number of years - as a demonstration of what I consider to be aesthetically pleasing.

Disgusting muscles!Utterly revolting muscle!
Tanya Pretty revolting, huh? . . Betcha any girl who looked like this would just want to hide herself away - and no man would want to look at her!

On the other hand, if you are tempted to see more, I have some pictures here which have been unlinked to the main site for some time. Vicki is a friend who won the Victorian State Bodybuilding Championships last year, and the photos have been displayed for members of the "Femuscle" Email list. Now you can see them too!

On Saturday 22nd. May the NABBA bodybuilding federation held its 1999 Australian titles in Melbourne.

To see some photographs of the contestants at this show, click here

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