continue to breathe normally…





continue to breathe normally… is a self-funded independent release recorded over a span of 3 years, using ‘guerrilla’ recording techniques at various motel rooms, studios and musicians’ houses all over Australia.

Featuring a stellar ensemble of some of Australia’s top jazz musicians, “continue to breathe normally…” is an epic showcase of songcraft and musicianship with benfink (vocals, guitars, bass, harmonium, clavinet, shakers, cowbell, pods), Greg Sheehan (drums), Bill Jacobi (electric bass), Brett Hirst (arco double bass), Walter Piccolruaz (congas, cowbell, guiro, chekere, bata), Tony Hayden (trombone), Dimitri Vouros (alto sax), Pix Vane-Mason (vocals), Kyla Cobe (vocals), Lucinda Peters (vocals), Rowan du Boisee (harmonica), Matthew Fargher (zeze), Matt McMahon (piano, rhodes), Mark Elliott (soprano & tenor sax), Trevor Brown (soprano sax/flute) and Brett Hunt (harmonica).

The mixes were crafted by Ben Hudson at Sony studios and then mastered by William Bowden, creating a sonic landscape that draws you in and envelops you.

1. I’m gonna get there
2. Lazy
3. She says
4. Shellshocked
5. Start again
6. Own time
7. Light on my feet
8. The thirst
9. Her eyes
10. Horizon


Ben Fink